I make terrible distillate....why?



cmon bud, clearly if this many people are upset over your comment, its not just hysteria on our end. you came off like an ass, simple is that. You even felt it necessary to passively aggressively ask him how he was even able to get into this industry. I take a lot of offense to that because my entrance to the industry was very similar, I had really no knowledge and had someone not taken me based on my passion VS my knowledge and introduced me to this wonderful world, who knows where i’d be today. This guy simply wants to be the best he can at this, instead of passive aggressive suggestions based on assumptions you make, try actually helping him next time and see how little hate you get.


Well, I’m assuming you water washed it? I tried that once and I’ve taken to just degum directly on etho then winterizing. No heptane or water washing.


I was honestly curious as i thought he was working for a licensed outfit. I will say it takes balls to jump in buy 30k in equipment with little to no knowledge and give it your all. I did offer insight asa alot of other did. But after seeing him do the same stuff over i had to makr that comment that he needs a break and to study and regroup. If thats being a ass than i guess im a ass. I miss the days men could be direct with one another


you make a lot of assumptions there… like a LOT

Let me just say this. You are absolutely right, it doesn’t make any god damn sense to spend thousands on material for this.

now just think about it for a bit…


“Do more research”

…what is it exactly then that is being done here?

Buddy, stop making assumptions. you don’t know what I invested in the equipment, how it came to be, the situation or anything.

you don’t know a single fucking thing about me so stop acting like you god damn know who am and everything about me.
You know what I let you know about me, that’s it.


Ok friend. I wish you the best of luck. Bye


Several times I ordered Nevil’s seeds from the Netherlands, and received them all without problem from whoever was sending them out from within the States, Big Bud, Northern Lights, Early Pearl, Malawi, Durban Poison, etc. Nearly all of them germinated. On the other hand my Super Sativa Seed Club purchases from the Netherlands got me notices from the post office that they had my packages, and would I care to/dare to pick them up, lol. Nevil’s story begins with cannabis oil, and here we are.


you go back way back nevil was in the uk llast i heard shanti baba is still in amsterdam the skunkman also
Times have changed
In My opinion polyploids are the futere
I have seen Many thirdworld country s produce and i believe thats a crop that Will realy help them out
So in breeding thats Where My energie Goes to


This is what you aren’t understanding about your argument that you’ve posted like 10 times now. Something about the message or you yourself is not being received the way you are hoping but you are either unwilling or unable to accept that. I think that bottom line is no body really cares about it being illegal short of outright telling you that because they are afraid you will try to get the website shut down.

I’m sure you are trying to help and you sound like a good kid but sometimes people arne’t going to agree with you or do things you wish they would do.


To get the thread back on track: I’ve started using bentonite, now together with bleach from vacuum dynamics. Just 33g bleach with 100g bentonite in a filter cake let me filter 5 gal through it with golden etho as a result. This might help you get your product better. I need to degum and roto over the next two days, then I can run it and give you better tips. But so far this is looking good. Best part, these two components are cheap.


I’m totally lost on the degumming process. The last time I did it, I had about 4L of ethanol/BHO mix, I added a tsp or something of citric acid and about a tbsp or so of water.

Well, it did in fact coagulate some shit out of it, but it didn’t settle on the bottom, and even after waiting the stuff that coagulated ended up floating to the top and settling to the bottom and making a big mess…

ok, so I filter that shit out, I ended up doing this process like 4 times because it just kept coagulating.

When I evaporated and distilled it, I ended up getting almost no distillate out of it and it was a big fucking mess.

I have a thread about it somewhere on ICmag, where Mobin was quick to tear to me shit for being a stupid idiot and not knowing what I’m doing, then he proceeds to tell me that he’d happily accept money for consulting…

so yeah, really just a terrible experience with trying to degum.


From watching your youtube channel it just looks like you’re ramping things up a little fast; try slowing down your ramp up…a good way to know you’re done with your garbage fractions is to watch your boil flask…if you are set at 150c on the mantle and your boil flask is boiling then you can assume you have volatiles still boiling off. dont bump your mantle up until the boil flask settles. its should be spinning smooth around the inside of the BF with zero boil before you switch to your head/main fraction.

Also if your material wasn’t decarbed i would suggest decarbing fully before you add to your SPD under full vac and heat or be ready to sit next to your short path with hand on the throttle and finesse the vac until the reaction has calmed down.


that’s great advice, yes I have been ramping up a little fast in the past. I’m going to try slowing that down now.
I had no idea about the boiling like you mentioned though. But using a stir bar makes it keep boiling does it not?

Basically what I’m hearing here is that I need to slow way tf down.


dope glad if it helps homie.

the stir bar is there to maintain an even temperature; it can also provide additional energy to the material based on RPM to help give energy to lighter molecules leaving the material thus promoting a faster more rapid boil but if theres is nothing left to boil…it just simply wouldnt boil…same as a stir bar in your solution it just would’nt boil unless you were @ the boiling point of your solvent or until there was nothing left at that boiling point to boil.


I’d never considered that. People at other places have constantly told me that it has to maintain a boil, so basically I’ve been thinking that it has to keep boiling.

The other side of that coin though, is that if I don’t use a stir bar it never boils as vigorously and sometimes doesn’t boil when it should be.

I’m actually getting back to this today 100%, so in a couple of hours I’ll be posting more vids again.


you do want to maintain a boil but you have to remember you are seperating fractions based on boiling temperature. so if you know that everything under 160c is garbage then you dont need to seperate any of these compounds so you can set your mantle temp to 160c (assuming your material is decarbed and youre already under full vac you can beginramping up 5-10c at a time as quickly as you can until 160c is reached) and leave it there with the stir bar on High rpms and collect whatever boils over into the same recieving flask until there is no reaction or boiling in the flask, just a nice calm swirl…then bump up from there and switch to a clean flask for them cannabanoids.

definitely always use the stir bar. im usually around 6-800 rpms collecting volitiles 160c and under and then drop down to 3-400 when collecting main body.


I have no idea how to tell what my RPMS are, and I honestly have a lot of difficulty trying to determine if the damn thing is moving, or if it’s decoupled.

I’m waiting for a larger bar because the one I have right now is too small.


Breaking Dabs is selling Rare Earth Stir bars that are fucking huge


What size stir bars are you guys using for a 2l rbf and a 500lm rbf?


What temp should I be starting at? I’m about to get this thing fired up soon.

Damn videos are taking too long to upload though.