I make terrible distillate....why?



until my local dispensary cant make the type of concentrates i can make at the purity. Ill keep making my own medicine illegally. Id rather self medicate with the best medicine available then the best medicine i can buy. No one cares more for myself than i do. I can tell you the medicine i use is only made by me cause im tired of being lied to by the seller. I dont believe half of this test stuff is clean anymore. More and more questionable test are being tossed around.


Temps and vac will ultimately get you cleaner better product. I switched from gl connections to full bore and that allowed for much lower vac and temp. Running my head temp at 168 and mantle at 200-210 outside the flask. Try degumming aswell, that has lead to cleaner product for me. I’ve been right were you are for the last year and small upgrades to the system, one at a time has lead to better product. But gl connections have been my enemy for a while. Keep coming back here and we will do our best to help you!


wow…you wonder why you get attacked eh?

For your information cannabis is legal here, and I’m a medical patient, so I’m legal to be making oil and have been for a while now.
so I’m not breaking any laws and it sure is fuck isn’t illegal to be showing people what I do with my meds in my place with my stuff. It’s educational.

Now get out of my thread if you have nothing of use to contribute.


I’ve tried degummming once, and man did I make a big fucking mess of it and basically waste the entire batch.


I wish you the best if luck on your legal ventures i know how beneficical this plant is and. i know how dirty most weed is with mold bugs and pestisides. That being said there is a huge need for clean medicine and purifying tek. So best of luck i hope you get it down and help alot of people whi need acess to clean medicine.


I’ve been answering ‘illegal extraction’ questions with pictures of my own operations for going on seven years, first at Toke City Forums, then ICMAG Forums, and now here. My identity has been public for a long time - I’m John Edward Schuyler presently living in Sun City, California (you can find me at FaceBook, it’s a fully open account, log into you’re own FB account and you can access anything on my page,) - and no one has shown up at my door asking what I’m up to. I’ve ordered an enormous number of solvents, case after case of butane, with many of the packages showing up at the door plastered with Hazard warnings, and nothing. Locally the Riverside County DA has made getting out the message of the dangers of butane extraction a priority, and still nothing.

Either I’m protected from on high, or you have to go out of your way to get busted.

My solvent stash,



I’ve been keeping up to date the “BHO Disasters (Please Read!)” thread Gray Wolf started years ago, maybe that’s why the PD, FD, and Fire Marshall haven’t show up at my door, I really don’t know…


I don’t sell extracts, and I don’t make more than what I personally consume, maybe there’s no profit in busting me, lol.

No one else resides with me, I have hydrocarbon detectors around the house, along with fire extinguishers, and a fire blanket near where I extract under full ventilation in a static free and open ignition source suppressed environment.

Waiting for my three meals a day and a cot…

Thanks guys for having the patience to respond to Distillforeal, I would have just requested he be banned, something I’ve only done once before (a little prick disparaged Gray Wolf’s son.)


Damn Dude :sleepy: No matter hoe fucked up iT looks or seems most we can turn back so can iT and ask around over here most probably isseu solved


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. I doubt i can ever do that showing goodies like that .


Why the hate? Did calling me a prick make you feel better? Please I am confused what did i post that justify this onslaught of verbal abuse? And please know usually i wouldnt reply to people who seem to be acting more on emotion than logic bit the fact is i hate seeing this site overran with people of that mindset. This site has potential and attacking everyone with a different point of view is not part of that potential. So again i need quotes of my words. As to what justifys this bulling response.


This is the reason. You keep arguing only seeing your own view point. Everyone is just looking for compassion.

And he didnt call you a prick. if you read that correctly. he stated that he got a prick banned for disparaging grey wolfs son. he didnt call you a prick. Why do you continue to troll this thread. Its like you are doing this on purpose.

If you contributed more and said less disparaging comments…people would throw you love instead of hate. We want to love you @Distillforeal… You are just making it hard…show compassion get compassion!


Seems to me you’re demanding no mention of illegal activity here.

And btw, I don’t think Killavolt or anyone should have to reveal whether he or she is operating legally.


Since you don’t want to talk about anything illegal, and I’m not doing anything illegal, instead of saying I should resign, how about you help educate.

I may not be great, but I’m posting shit, helping people, and learning from people along the way, I apologize that I don’t everything as you seem to, so maybe you could throw some of that knowledge my way.

Or you could be passive-aggressive and say I should quit.


How is that comment rude in anyway? Its the truth. Think about it LOGICALLY. Does it make any sense attempting the same thing over and over. spending dozens of hours and thousands in matiral? Or does it make more sense to acept that you dont have the whole pixture,take a minute to relearn and then hit it hard. This is a totally acceptable answer where i come from. It might be blunt it might be direct but you kno what it sure as hell isnt mean or rude


I didnt ask anyone to tell me if they are legal or not i dont care its the fact that if tou tell me its illegal than we have a problem. Please dont twist my words


Seems like your the only one that doesn’t think it’s rude. So. I’m not gonna argue with you anymore. I’m done. I’m here to help @Killavolt.

I’ll just ignore your comments and answers cause you keep doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results but think it’s still not rude. All good homie. Have fun trolling. Hope when you come up with a problem needing answered. Someone tells you to just give up.


Dude really again twisting my words i never told him to guve up! I told him he needs a break and to study more big difference. No wonder tou think im rude you dont even knowwhat i said it seems you need a lesson on Tolerance for others peoples view points. And a joint to relax


@SkyHighLer How about You setting all those goodies up for auction signed off coarse🔥
Like catawiki or Any of those pages


no one is twisting your words here but you man. your exact wording was “you should resign your position” idk what that means where you come from but in my world that means quit…you entered this conversation in a very aggressive, and judgmental manner, then preceded to say that’s the kind of attitude you don’t want to see on this forum. You keep asking where all the hate is coming from but then disagreeing when people give you the reason. just check your ego at the door man, that’s all they are asking.


When its followed up with and do more research it becomes clear its not quiting. Do i have to spell out everything in fear of it being twisted i figured that would not need explaining


Ok so i work illagal to very illagal actualy
But hè FTW
But are You aware that this legal enviorment You are in is only so good because of the men and woman willing to put all at risk for a better product
I am talking aboat breeding of plants
Since the begining of the n 90 we have been breeding special strains
IT takes years and years of work with a lot of risk with little to No Profit
Did You know that taking land races out of countrys is a risky business
Southafrika Will imprison You to up to 20 years stealing natural treasures
And we did that from egypt southafrika Nepal India Malawi the caribean islands Colombia Peru You name iT all for the greatest strains
Strains You now get on a silver platter
In variatys of taste color and extreme high cannabinoid content
If You had to extract now of only those landraces You would have to work 3x the work to get to the same amount
So Yes we the illagal and Rogue are responsible for your Triumph