I make terrible distillate....why?



Distillforeal … go fuck yourself. You try keeping focus on things with your head full of shit ya fuckin goof.


This guy does it for personal consumption last time I checked.


Hey now, this is a civil disscussion forum. @Distillforeal, please understand where a person stands before insulting them. This dude just does this for himself and friends.


I may not be able to resume today, might have to wait until tomorrow unfortunately, but I’m definitely getting back at this, and with a clear head I should be able to achieve much better results.


We all start out as newbies! Not a single person is born with extraction knowledge. Its learned over the years with trial and error. And asking questions on forums like this. You shouldnt hold anything against a person for what he knows or doesnt know.


We’re here to help. This whole forum is kinda built on an open source approach to the concentrates game. Ive been on lots of growing forums which there was a concentrates presence but a small one. This forum is the opposite and i cant remember another forum which mainly focuses on Concentrates.


What did i say to deserve that inappropriate language? What I said is the truth. Dude idk what the laws are in canada but if this is for personal use you shouldnt be on the web like this as it might be illegal . you should be studying and asking for a intern postion. Like i said in the above post .


Im here posting my shit illegally…not all of us have the benefit of living in a totally legal place. Im medical legal but my state dont allow for me to make my own medicine. The local dispensary is being sued for selling pesticide riddled concentrates and i should get my medicine where???

I do this for personal. Ive been on the net sharing before any of this was legal. Where do you come off like this? and why?


I would try shortening the vacuum path on the next go around. Try to put your cold trap and pump as close to your system as possible.


Just my opinion. From a legal standpoint not a moral on to be clear. That one shouldnt be on the internet sharing What they admit to be illegal activity. I for one dont whst to contribute to illegal activity. If the guy wants to learn, great. But openly breaking the law is different. Do you really think your that invincibe on the internet.


Haha. Invincible not in the least bit. Now for the legal aspect of what I post. Well I’m a outlaw! I’ve never followed society’s rules and laws. I live my life by a moral code. I do right by my fellow human beings. As for the law. You can keep it all legal eagle for the rest of us. There are a good percent of this forum not exactly living under a legal umbrella. But when them alphabet boys come for you. Don’t forget to tell them your legal.



It’s all still federally ILLEGAL!!!

Stop riding on your high “legal” horse!


It may be federally illegal but im not the one openly admitting to breaking said law. Last time i checked sharing information, knowledge thats openly available is not illegal. Its when you admit that its for illegal means is when my actions of helping bexome illegal. So to each their own. But i dont feel confortable with it. Why am i getting attacked like this for ezpessing my viewpoint ?


Like i said before…Im an outlaw! Ive always been an outlaw. When you have been an outlaw as long as i have…say nearly 30 years…you get use to breaking said law.

I forgot your the hater in the “good life gang thread” too that said many times your wont be back…why are you still here and just to hate…

Your pretty funny man. I love people that only got into this industry when it got legal and less scary! When i started this…THERE WAS NO LEGAL STATES. Keep you negative opinions to yourself; if you can clearly read, the OP is having issue and is asking for help…IF your not here to help and only hate well then your at the wrong place and like you stated before…maybe you should leave cause obviously we are talking about things that make you uncomfortable.


Is there an ignore function on this forum? It may be needed


no shit @Demontrich. I really havent felt the need to ignore anyone till now… geez. Im legal and your not. you shouldnt be making your own medicine cause id like to sell you my more expensive legal stuff. I like to grow outdoors where insects and mold occur naturally. Oh and i need them pesticides too… Please buy my medicine…

This sounds like someone that is trying to sell someone overpriced meds. LMAO.


Ok pal ya i said i wouldnt be back thats true cuz i always get attacked like THIS. but i replyed to help this man before i knew he was in a illegal position. Read my posts. I gave real facts because i thougbt he was going to loose his job. But when you admit your illegal then ask for help your asking everyone to openly break the law. You might think the internet is safe enough to do that thats your opinion. Mine is different. Lets agree to disagree and move on?


cool…and just a bit of advice.

you might not get attacked if the comments you make arent so harsh. Its a pretty simple concept.

Ill agree to disagree. You might want to look into the last 20 or so years of the cannabis information on the internet. most of it was post illegally at the time. the true og in this industry all operated illegally before this plant all of a sudden got legal.

I get what your saying. BUT not a single person asked you to break the law. If you decide to post on an internet forum about concentrates…id imagine a good 30-40% of THIS forum is operating somewhat illegal or right on the borderline of legality.

Id actually like to know how many people have only been on the legal side of this industry. Id imagine even a higher percentage of us have come from the illegal side of this business to the legal side.


What’s your vacume at?


Jusr wanted to make clear the legality in the every changing cannabis world
Asking/ answering Questions= totallylegal
Answering question with the knowledge the information will be used for illegal purpose= illegal