How to whip or cure rosin?

pressing dry ice hash into rosin (37micron) after collecting off parchment how do you get the wet budder/gooey form? How do you cure? Is there a step im missing? Any help greatly appreciated :+1:t3:

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Methinks the missing step is the search bar.

Did you notice the solventless section?

Yeah, squish is hash, but posting under solventless would at least demonstrate you’d looked around a little.

Start with Search results for 'rosin' - Future4200 what you’re looking for is there if you spend the time.

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Already did and did not have answers i need so thats why i created the thread! Thanks

Did you make it all the way through Rosin jartech?

If you noticed we had a solventless section, your reason for not posting there was to make it harder for the next guy?

Did you just look at the hits, or read the entire threads? Do you follow the external links?

You looking for flan?

My mistake shouldn’t of posted in wrong section, my apologies

im looking for this type of consistency

Makes it look like you didn’t look.

And if you didn’t know it was there…maybe someone should tell you so you can go look?

Only trying to help sunshine

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Awesome. 1k word substitutes help.

Looks quite like flan…

Got alot time on your hands to answer a question with a question! Now go suck an anus





Any chance of actually getting back on topic? We’re trying to improve our final product and would love to learn more about curing / whipping / jar tech, etc.

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Step 1. Cure.
Step 2. Whip
Step 3. Jar

Edit: im just playing i dont mess with rosin.

Okay then use a crc and make it into sugar?!??? Idk rosin ain’t gonna look like the white ppl get from the crc

This guy gives away a lot of free info on rosin curing/jartech…title says diamonds and sauce but he goes over badder too:


I recently looked into this. Seems a low slow barely touching it for quiet some time. It releases a more pure product

They then take that extract and place into a jar w lid on heat. Bc the extract is more “pure” the terpenes to THca ratio will allow that to sugar/budder up. It doesn’t need a solvent to sugar

Purity of extract equals natural crystallization.

A fresh BHO or high terp will do the same. Why some slabs won’t stay slab.