Rosin jartech


Trying to find info on this, with home oven & heating Matt, any help or links would be much appreciated thanks :clamp:



Try searching

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@Apothecary36 is correct

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What do you want to know about the tech? I been playing with it for about a week now.



so put it in the oven with the lid tight, for about 30 mins between 140-220F?
then whats the next step? put it on a seeding matt? with lid on tight?
when on a seeding matt whats the temp for that? & what kind of matt will work? so many to choose from…
this is the stuff i would like to know, DM info.



The temps most of the guys are playing with are in the 180-200* range for an hour or until it bubbles. Then they gonto a heating mat(personal preferance) at 90* for 1-2 weeks.

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Even if he searched, there is not much on that tech on the website. I search myself before too.

Go read RyanRosin et DietFunk IG comment section, very good infos. (What I did)

First, quality in, quality out, you need a very pure product if you want some solventless diamonds. Flower rosin full of fat and lipids suck for that.

They put it in an oven at 180-200C (You should buy a thermometer to put in the oven if you are using something for home, you won’t burn (decarb) your rosin), let the bubbles go up till it crashes (it could take 30min or 2h with some strains) take the jar out leave it in room temp to cool down the jar. You then put the jar on a clone mat (100F) for as long as you want.

Don’t whip your rosin, you need pressure, you don’t want to release it too quickly. I am down to talk Rosin Jar Tech too.

Edit: My first try was a failed lol I’m going to do another try this week with fresh frozen hash rosin.




there is just enough to point a determined explorer in the right direction.

From which vantage said explorer can ask more pertinent questions…



very true, cause i google search my self, not much info out there, its still new, all i have is quality fresh flower, and a home oven, as for glass jars will small 2 to 4oz mason jars work? another question i cant really get is (The Lid) lid stay’s on from the time you put jar into the oven? and when in the oven, do i need to check the oil, as in take the lid off?. And when its done out of the oven, lid stays on for how long? and for hot mat at 100F let it sit to your happy with it?



Yes ww keep the lid tight to not loose the terps.

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Yes. Always keep the lid tight, you need a jar with a metal lid that can handle the heat (Uline and Amazon sell some). Don’t buy a jar too big, I am staying with the 1 and 2 oz.

If you want to see a Rosin react in the oven, go watch JungleBoysRosin videos on IG, that will give you an idea of what to do and when you pull the jar out.

As far as I know, yes you let the jar cool down and you leave it on the mat for days/weeks, the better the rosin, the easier you will have a crystalize product (rosin jam or whatever they call it).

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Get the 1 ounce jars with the white metal lid in the gum seal put your Rozen in and seal tight put it in the oven at 2:25 for about 20 minutes every one is different and you’ll start to see it bubble and turn into a liquid you want to pull it right before it goes completely clear let most of the jar be clear but just one area have a little bit of cloudiness then put it on the heat mat at approximately 120° for 4 to 16 hours then take it off the heat mat let it cool down burp the jar and close it immediately let it sit for another 4 hours then you can open the jar and dab it. If you don’t wait after it’s cooling down all of the crystals will self-destruct In the whole jar I’ll turn into bubbles not the diamonds and sauce you’re looking for



Would these work

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Im using mason jars i pick up at the local wally world.

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Would this mat work, can some one tell me.

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well i am here for help, so would you like to show me one that works…



They all work. You just need to read the temp range that they work on. I dont use them because i have a very large “oven” that i use. Take some time and read a little on different mats and make an educated decision.

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Trying that right about now, thanks.

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