How to properly use a diamond miner / pressure vessel

Hello again everyone. Must say the support, and love on this board is amazing! Great group of people!

Need help with using my diamond miner correctly. I ran my first batch through my new 1lb extractor with some help from a few people from here.

Now I got my diamond miner it’s pretty big, and just wondering do i treat it just like a jar? Evaporate until 1/3 left of butane then through into the diamond miner and into the freezer for cryo? Since the miner seems to hold alot can you fill it up with the entire run then slowly evap from there?

Would appreciate step by step even with some pics or video since I’m very dumb. I have had great success following the OTSS tec with mason jars and thought I would upgrade since it appears to be safer and hold more. Any help on how to really get the most out of it would be great. I will try to attach a picture of the one I got

This is basically the one I got. More or less.


I just pour the miner half way up and clamp it down. Throw it into the oven and wala…


Yeah. As @BG305 said. Fill half to 3/4 full. Clamp down. Heat to 90f and wait.

Gonna take you a good 6-10 runs depending on the material to fill that miner with your 1lb extractor.


When you fill it up have you already evaporated some butane out or you just put it in straight out of the cls?

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I see so few people with diamond miners actually making big diamonds, ive always used jars for this reason. Anyone out there actually achieving big stones with one of them?


Can someone help with the answer I’m looking for here.

Do I evaporate any butane before putting into the miner? Or just fill the miner with the run?

My hunch would be to evaporate 2/3rds and leave the 1/3rd into the miner. Then cryo,
crash and then heat.

Any help would be appreciated


Freeze your solution to get the thca to clump up and fall to the bottom


They should melt into this once u pull out and let sit at room temp


Throw a seed in there or cap it and wait.


Pour off into the miner. If you want to cold crash pour in quite wet and fill 80% if thats your saturated amount, cool.

But, no cold crash.
Pour into the miner semi wet if you aren’t going to seed (I’ll give you that one too), and close it off and leave it on the table (assuming it’s a lab table) let it settle over night. Pressure will vary depending on temp, what solvent is left, how much solvent, etc. If you are around 20 psi room temp (I keep my lab @ 65). I vent to 15 psi. Let it set for a day. Next day vent to 15, then I keep it at 15.

If you were far higher than the initial 20 psi I stated. Vent 10 psi down each day until it slowly creeps down.

Certain strains take longer to grow, some grow faster. Around 15 psi you should notice growth. Once growth starts, let it go for a few days. It may take a few days to weeks. When it takes weeks, is when I use a seed, don’t want to cooperate, I’ll make it so. Move to an oven that’s slightly warmer than room temp. If it was 65 put oven to 70. Lower temps grow larger stones but take far longer. Keep venting it and keeping it at 15. Once it is slightly lowering below 15. Warm the oven up 5 more @ 75. Maintain 75. Move to 80 do the same. Vent slightly a psi or so until you see a couple bubbles leaving your facets. Which would have happened every time you were venting. Keep it slightly venting every day or other day only a psi or so. Just barley bleed it and leave it.

You’ll get the hang of it.

Using a seed. This promotes and forces nucleation. No wait. Ish happens almost instantly.

Recover most of your solvent, so it’s a dry pour. Pour/squirt the thick oil into the miner. Throw a seed in as @Waxplug1 mentioned, I didn’t read his response yet. And close her up. Keep her at the 15 psi mark and bleed down as above.

You good?


Yes. I have. My last batch was nearly all .25g facets. My current batch has ones that are too big to package still growing. I’ll snap a pic tomorrow.


That’s cold crash! :scream::scream::scream::scream:Boinnngg!!!


Looking amazing @Dred_pirate, nice work!


Thank you, sir. Much appreciated.


Does anybody pressurize there miners with nitrogen?


Hey sorry to be the uneducated person here but I guess that’s what this place is for right, but what is cold crash exactly?

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it’s when you leave you’re BHO/Solvent mixture at cryo temps (-20 and below ) the THCA crashes out of the solution.


cryo temps start at -238f. i think you mean subzero


Am curious as well, I don’t see why not. @Dred_pirate what say you? A little shot of nitrogen into the minor is ok if you want to get the pressure back? Or just throw her in the oven and let the pressure build naturally from the heat? Thanks in advance!

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Lots of time you can use the solvent present to create pressure. I personally don’t like to add pressure instead I’m a fan of cycling temps and using the pressure it has itself.