Hot water circulation

Hey guys, I’m currently running a small 2lb system w/ a dewaxing column. I’m running it passively with dry ice and hot water but looking to improve my recovery seed / effort. I don’t have a jacketed collection or jacketed splatter platter so I’m looking for a way to heat water in a 5 gallon bucket w/ a bucket heater or soud vide on a temperature controller then somehow pump that hot water to another 5 gallon bucket that has my collection base in it.
I know this is easily achievable by placing a submersible water heater in the hot water bucket and hooking up a water line to the other bucket that has my collection in it.
My only problem is: How do I get the cold water from the 2nd bucket (the one with my collection in it) back to the bucket with the heater in it?
I know I can’t put a submersible pump directly in with my collection in the 2nd bucket. Right?

Thanks, I’m prob over looking something simple, or there is an easier way to do this, don’t worry jacketed everything is next on my list haha.

Gravity. Or a pump that pulls hooked to the outlet hose

Cut a hole and drain the bucket into the bucket with a pump! Could siphon with an external pump. Like submersible run inline outside the water.

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Seems pointless when he can hook a hose to that hole and attach a pump there

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That’s kinda what I was thinking, running an inline pump outside of the bucket with the collection in it and feeding it back into the hot water bucket.

dm me if you need any assistance!

Just connect a pump like this to the hole in the bucket with a barb. Run a hose from the barb to the inlet of the pump. Outlet running to the drain or back to the bucket with a hose. I ran like this for years.
No need for 2 buckets. This style pump is what you need. Just a bigger one in 110.

How would I heat the water without 2 buckets? I can’t run a heater in the same bucket as my collection pot. And I don’t have a jacketed base so I need to run the hot water from one bucket to the other. Atleast thats what I thought?


I misread your op. I thought you were trying to figure out how to efficiently drain your collection bucket back to the heater bucket. Am i right?

I actually misread @DamnBro post which threw me off.
I see he edited it which i didnt notice unril now. I thought he was saying to just cut a hole and deain it into another bucket. Not the bucket with the heater creating a closed loop. Which is the same thing im saying.

You will want the heater seperate. Sorry derrr

@slabby all good, thanks for all you do around here!

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Yeah I’m trying to figure out how I can make a re circulation system with hot water without having a jacketed base. So I am using two 5 gallon buckets. 1 bucket is being used to heat the water with a bucket heater of some sort, and a submersible pump to run the hot water from there to the 2nd bucket which has my collection base in it for recovery. What I’m trying to figure out is how I can circulate back the cold water to the first bucket so it can be re heated. So it’s continuous and I’m not having to repeatedly fill 5 gallon buckets with hot water to recover.

Cut a hole in the 2nd bucket like 4 inches below top. Insert barb. Plug tubing in. Feed tubing to bucket with heater. Gravity is awesome.

Ok so we are on the same page.
Get a pump like i posted eariler (not that exact pump its worthless)
And follow what i said

Whatever pump you get try to get one in the same or as close to the same gph as your pump dumping hot water. Or you will be playing lets juggle the pumps the entire run.

Should just get a jacket for warm water my 2 ¢

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Get a big sterilite bin @StoneD care to chime in

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I second this. Is there any reason why you can’t just get a bigger bucket, or bin?

Waaay easier.

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A keg tub should work just fine for you.

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I just bought that to keep my base chilled during extraction. I’ll see how well it works this month.

Bigger bucket for what? I don’t have a jacketed base at the moment, so I need to heat water in one bucket, circulate it to the next bucket that has my collection base in it, then re-circulate it back to the first bucket to get re-heated and and so on.
Sorry just a little confused to what your saying!