Helping understand how to clean up BHO

I have been making BHO for people around my area that can’t make it themselves. Most of these people are on disability or are just retired and I am just trying to help.

Well I have a gentleman that likes to mix his extracts with oil and eat it everyday, Pennywise to be specific. He doesn’t like how dark it all comes out and wanted to know if there is anyway to clean it up. So I have been looking into mixing it with alcohol and trying to filter it someway, I guess that it called winterizing? But I am not understanding some of the finer elements of doing this. I have my hands on some 190 proof, I understand that I need to chill everything and mix the two, BHO and alcohol. Then I need to pour through a silica slurry of Celite 545 or something? Which is just Diatomaceous as far as I understand. I know that this has been asked about 100 times, I have read a few but don’t know how far I need to dig before I will understand what is going on. I am willing to experiment, I got a whole bunch back from the guy that he said I can mess with to see what I can change. I have my hands on N-Butane, so if there is a way to rerun it and make it lighter?

Have u looked at this site ever? Crc has been the main discussion over a year


Bro this guy needs to start at step 1


if he eats it whats it matter what color it is? Mix it with mct oil and ignore the color. Even with crc after you decarb it it will turn darker. It sounds like hes seen CRAP in a store that is all light yellow so he thinks thats how it should be. Thats distillate and not as good for him as the darker stuff you are making already.


Um, what?


Since you have so much to play with you could start by dissolving it in the alcohol and putting that in the freezer for a while then when the fats separate pour it through coffee filter and scaling the alcohol. I cleaned up some pretty nasty oil back in the day like that. It don’t remember every step but I know I found it all in google or YouTube…

What other equipment do you have on hand? A roto? Some beakers?

get some activated carbon(carbon chemistry), warm up your solution(ethanol & oil), add the carbon and mix, then filter the carbon out, evaporate and you will get cherry oil


you could drop some cash on steel and powders and read this thread :Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek

I went with a crc kit from

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Ghetto way : How to Winterize BHO “Dewaxing” | Colorado Bud Blog


This is true. RSO is extremely medicinal and has shown anecdotal success for many different extreme ailments like aids and cancer. You’re correct unless he plans on smoking it he shouldn’t really be concerned about the color.

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Thank you for you help guys! I am step one here, sorry for maybe being confusing and not making sense. My experience goes as far as reading and personal experience, im not slow but some things just don’t stick sometimes.

I have no roto or no beakers, but if it can be explained simple enough that I can understand, I will be happy to look into buying what I need.

My next step was to go learn how to turn everything into keif and then pressing it.


For what reason do you want to press kief when your main goal is to winterize with etoh. Just extract with etoh.

Just do a bucket tek run and follow thelostbiologist tek TheLostBiologist Bucket and Post Processing Tek for Golden Extract

Also go Chinese for your beginning glassware. Use aliexpress, eBay and Amazon.

Deschem is a favorite Chinese glassware name.

Hope this helps.


Thank you, I appreciate all the information. Yes I am trying to clean up a current batch of BHO, but ultimately, if I cannot figure it out, that was going to be the next something new I was going to try. Everyone loves it when your final product is very much enjoyed. If I can’t figure out this process, then I would very much like to keep trying everything that I can find, that just happened to be what someone suggested I try (Not from this site). I would like to make what I currently have work.

Wait you’re ending up with dark oil in a closed loop?

Also how much bho do you have that you’re trying to winterize.

If you’re ending up with dark oil in a closed loop you should try prefreezing your material on dry ice for four hours before loading your material column, using a 70/30 solvent and getting getting that solvent balls cold and then RUN FAST AND COLD!!!

Only use that valve between your material column and collection to isolate your column and collection for recovery and DON’T SOAK.


Time to dig into some threads, little brother. All of the answers are here. You’re going to have a hard time getting much support for open blasting. It is so dangerous. I have seen things, young guys, lots of scars inside and out . . . don’t do it.

Pro tip: old and low quality input material is notorious for producing dark extract.

I have written and deleted about 5 paragraphs of Mommy advice that you didn’t ask for. I won’t subject you to it, but I really hope you take good care of yourself.


Glad you made it here! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know is on this forum, and the people know their shit


Alcohol is more forgiving than Butane when it comes to newbs *


So go read about it… Winterization

As far as moving on from BHO to hash rosin, if you’re making dark BHO, you are very unlikely to be happy with squish made from the same input.


Shit In → Shit Out.

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