What qualities make RSO "good"

What qualities are considered to make RSO “good”? Is high THC / cannabanioid potency the main quality that makes it “good”? I thought the reason people liked RSO, what ever medicinal benefits it may or may not have, is because it has the broadest range of phytochemicals possible. The idea being that maybe there are compounds other than cannabinoids found in cannabis that (may) have medicinal benefits or have some entourage effect with cannabinoids that are medicinally relevant. The catch with that however is that the broader the range of phyochems, the lower the cannabinoid potency.

So what are people looking for (on average) when it comes to RSO? High potency? Or “full extract”? Because the two are sort of mutually exclusive.


Was attempting to find some good ethanol RSO for my moms skin cancer for the last week or two, no luck, had to settle for some low number co2 stuff… the ethanol stuff cleared it right up last time in a different spot


The better your input the closer you will be to meeting both those criteria


Interesting. I’ve always been skeptical of RSO and cannabinoids generally as a miracle cure, but the amount of anecdotal cases where people who have used this stuff with good success is hard to ignore.

So that brings me back to the question. Are these benefits coming from cannabinoids? Other phytochems? The combination? Any idea what it is about ethanol extracts that make “superior” RSO? I guess I’ve got a lot of research still do to on this.

Do any of you guys sell RSO? How selective of an extraction do you employ? Room temp ethanol extraction? Cryo extraction? Is winterized RSO better than unwinterized? Is there even a definitive answer to that question? What kind of THC potency do you tend to see for RSO?

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For sure. But even if you start with high quality biomass, the composition of the resulting oil can vary greatly depending on extraction parameters. For instance, if you extract in room temp or warm ethanol for an extended length of time you will get a broader range of phyochemicals than if you did a quick cryo ethanol extraction which would result in higher cannabinoid potency.

I guess my question basically boils down to which method makes better RSO - warm or cold ethanol extraction.

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I wouldn’t call anything a miracle cure, my
hemp biz is severely effected by asshats claiming their watered down CBD products will cure cancer, stop you from balding, cure covid 19, and make your ex wife come back, making everyone else look bad who’s trying to run an honest business.

Pretty sure rick used naphtha, and a damn crock pot. I have a book signed by him but haven’t gotten around to reading it.
There’s plenty of people using the letters RSO as marketing tools as well and just selling random stuff. Sad to see.

If that worked for so many people I’d think refining the process and using higher quality materials and equipment would make it even more effective. Right?

As for marketing it and selling it, it’s not exactly a fly off the shelf item ime. And many people make it just to give it away.


Idk, I like bho “crude”, decarbed and mixed in coconut oil


Yep way cleaner same benefits. Full fat extract mmmmm

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Rso in my opinion is a warm extract. Of dry biomass soaked short
Tac about 50-60 %
With every tting still in refining is not advisable
For slowly proof is coming that not only cannabinoids have healing property’s but several other compounds in the plant
Flavonoids Beeing the most documented lately


Does anyone have suggestions for sample preparation for testing potency of RSO?

I believe @TheFire210 produces RSO. They might be able to chime in with their experience.

Is RSO even a useful term?
It’s basically slang for bucket tech crude with no information about what they extracted it with or managed quality.

Quality RSO is quality crude (accepting it’s bucket tech). Will vary according to method but many RSO SOPs use dangerous solvents or long extraction or heating time which reduce quality.


best results I’ve found for treating people with rso came from doing short soaks on a bunch of different strains of biomass. Soak it like the bucket tek but at room temp then winterize at room temp and evap the ethanol low temp deep vacuum to retain terps then decarb at a low temp in a sealed container for a long time i do 205 degrees for like 6-8 hours. I’ve had rso come back over 70% cannabinoids with pretty much every cannabinoid my lab tests for and over 9% terps. sometimes i add like 3-5% cbd or cbg if it didn’t have any.

we’ve cured 3 people of cancer and 2 more have shrinking tumors so far from this tek. i wish more people sold rso instead of distilling it! it’s amazing medicine until you destroy those terps. if anyone needs help making rso I’ll teach you for free. i wish everyone knew how to make it



Shove a minimal of 7 to 9 grams in a Mason jar, pour ever clear over it, shake like mother fucker for 4mins, pour over a coffee filter in a funnel (or a 3" diameter funnel with a 3" 150 micron gasket filter aligned evenly in it), filter into second jar, distill/evaporate in a cool ventilated area on a Pyrex dish, scrape it into goop decarb it, cool it down scrape it up again and eat it.

It’s akin to cleaning a rig with everclear and letting it evaporate then scraping the goop and dabbing it only with rso you eat it.

… You can use bucket tek cold but the room temp washes for me as well work better than the cold washed for some reason.


hell yea that’s a very quick simple tek. room temp works better ime too

depending on the application. CBGA might make an extreme difference. Flavonoids “pigments” might make a difference as well


Qwet > coffee filter into second jar > rice cooker. Was the old ghetto standard for rso before a lot of people realized how cheap glass evaporator/distillation stills were. Then the source turbo came out after the re-popularization of the rotovap. So now newbs and the non mechanically inclined can make their own rso and eho.

Still fucking crazy tho.

IMO if you’re gonna get a turbo just read into the world of making dabs here at the amazing world of future4200.com and then make your own using the Chinese stills


You can’t winterize at room temp bub. You probably get a hot crash of dissolved solids at 205, assuming F, which loses some medical properties.

I mean I see all kinds of junk crash out at room temp in iso, methanol and ethanol.

I usually am dissolving bho…