Help with pour

Does this mean not enough solvent in pour?

I can’t ever get that consistent honey type flow. At end of run I shut machine down unplug pump hose then pour. I’ve been told recently not to unplug hose in case of collection tank freezing. I run x10 active nitro assist.

what’s your pressure at this point?
you’re deliberately throttling your pour, would more or less pressure help you here?

what you do reckon all the bubbles are?
do you want more of them or less?

what do you think would happen if you poured that closer to 0C?

how would you go about achieving that?


Less pressure and bubbles are from being purged for too long So less bubbles. 0c is freezing point for water so that wouldn’t be a good idea. Pressure is at 5 psi

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I think I get what your saying after re reading it a few times…

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Butane boils at 0C, so the closer you are to that, the less your pour will boil.

You don’t need to get cold enough to worry about freezing the HX fluid in your jacket, just enough to get your preferred viscosity to play nice when you let it out.

Higher pressure in your pot is either more solvent or more hot. So reducing pressure is about recovering further, or not heating up so far.

I suggest you try cutting the heat 5min before pour.

It’s not super high on my list, but I’d really like it if my current rig could perform that trick on its own.

Edit: At 5PSI I suspect your puddle is already fairly cool (<10C) You might want to try recovering closer to 0 PSI, then cut heat and wait a couple of min to build pressure.

A thermoprobe up the pour spout is my preferred method for gauging actual puddle temps.


I’d run 20% or even 50% glycol to make sure it doesn’t happen. Because otherwise it inevitably does at some point. which sucks…and can potentially even be catastrophic.

You might want to then raise your heater temp, because glycol has a lower heat capacity than water, so to get the same heat delivered to your solvent you need to increase delta T across the HX.


Truly thank you so much you explained it in such detail and I actually understood it. :pray:


I pour around -2psi varies a lil
0psi is pretty juicy

do you mean -2in.Hg?
or is your gauge different from most?

how does you get the goo out the spout with the collection at negative pressure?

would you call OP’s pour too wet or too dry?


Sounds to wet to me. Gauge is -30hg to 150psi.
It pours fine at -2 varies a lil
Of course im doing bho. U dont wanna pour sloppy wet. Takes a couple times but u find the sweet spot
Whenbu open valve tank repressurises and it pours. I suppose a person could stop recovery and let pressure build back up. But thats how i do it.
You see the oil slightly tacking to sides of pot when u know ir close to needing to pour


if it comes out the spout, there has to be more pressure IN your pot than not.

which means your gauge is lying to you. they do that…

wait… [edit] you just added

So pull to -2’ Hg, then repressurize to pour. that makes more sense. thank you.


edit: and for anyone else here for “pour advice”, you might also check out : Question on pouring


if you are under vacuum you arent pouring, i get mine where its starting to pull a slight vacuum at room temp then open up my off gas valve and introduce atmosphere to get back to zero so i am able to pour, if that makes sense.


It pours just fine. Once u crack valve tank represurises to 0 and oil comes out just fine

Try it. Once u crack valve it repressurises. At -2 there is a lot of tane still ledt in the oil.
In the old pot method with column on top i would pull down to -10 before i would open lid.and there was still considetable tane left at that negative value

depends on temp.

which valve?

if you open pour spout and it will suck atmosphere in. it will then pour. I prefer not to suck atmosphere into the machine (more on principle than it actually being an issue).


The valve on bottum to pour. Recovery is stopped all vavles to tank are closed. Then bottum valve is opened. Itll suck in air for a second and bring tank to zero and the oil will start pouring out. I of course have a sloped bottum on collection tank. Bit that oil comes out easier to work with at that consistancy and money saved on tane
Yes atmosphere is pulled into collection pot bit it is closed off from rest of system. After you pur you and vac down collection pot and resume recovery from material columns to -20
No atmosphere is going into main collection tank
I suppose a person could pull doen to -2 and nitro bump to a couple lb psi? Avoiding atmosphere
My typing terrible this morning lol
The temp on collection tank is 120f

Like this?


Yep. That’s how it’s done!!


Damn pretty pour

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Lol yessir