Help finding brass nut supplier

Greetings I was having a hard time find these beefy nuts ( Not normal ones )they are a few sizes above the normal one 5/8 in tall 3/4 in wide thread size 3/8 any help would be appreciated thanks


Local places to me

Metrics unlimited

It’s worth checking out on their website and have it shipped. I used to get all my aftermarket fasteners from metrics unl when I was racing sportbikes.


Throw those brass nuts and the bolts away and go to Lowe’s and by some grade 5 nuts and bolts(blue). Problem solved. Forever…


I thought u want silicon bronze for nuts because its self lubricating?

Quality stainless might have some


Tried those sources No luck with any of those answers so far but I appreciate the answers I just need the nuts, no running through hoops and ladders . I can’t understand why these are so hard to find

Doesn’t that risk damaging the clamps?


I’m sure it’s possible perhaps from over tightening. I’ll take that risk over nut failure during the middle of a run though🤷‍♂️

I’ve had a brass nut “pop” during a run stripping out the threads. Resealing a 12” collection pot while it’s full sucks.

If the concern is damage from over tightening, I’d recommend a torque wrench. I’ve used an impact wrench to tighten my clamps for 4 years with grade 5 nuts and bolts with no failures of the clamps.


Grade 5 is serious hardware. It’s what I used on my 20 ton rosin press for hardware.


Grade 5 will bend and stretch, they don’t shatter like grade 8. They will scar and possibly lock themselves up. Then tou have to break them or cut them. No fun with a tube full of material and left over solvent. Use brass nuts and put a hand tight on as a backer if you don’t change them out regularly.


I’ve never bent or stretched a grade 5 bolt. The bullshit that comes with the “high pressure” clamps on the other hand I have snapped the heads right off of. WTF are you doing to shatter grade 8 bolts?


Just stating the function of different grades


You want a hardness difference of at least 50 brinell between nut and bolt. Nuts are meant to be replaced. If you really want something that’s going to last, LJ Star offers nitronic 60 bolts and 316 stainless nuts with their anti galling clamps. Not worth the extra cost IMO. You should check your nuts for wear and replace regularly.


Grade 5 Bolts and fasteners are made of medium strength carbon steel and are specified under the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). … These bolts are heat treated in a controlled atmosphere from 1⁄4 in. through 1-1/2 in. with a minimum tensile strength of 120,000 psi in diameters through 1 in.

If you’re stretching this bolt tightening your clamps, cut back on the spinach Popeye…

I didn’t say I was stretching them.

Was just trying to point out the strength of these is not what u want when they lock up. I had a SS nut and bolt that my guys locked up. I had to sleve a pipe over it and bend it back and forth to snap it.

Silicon bronze


Your statement about grade 5 bending and stretching is just false, especially under the conditions and usage we are talking about. If it did bend or stretch, it may lock up, but since you will never apply 120,000psi to the nut and bolt it’s not going to happen.

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@Greenleafpro not a bad idea to keep a nut splitter on hand in case you have a thread failure or galling/lockup, regardless of what grade and material you are using for your bolts and nuts. In an extraction lab with potentially explosive gases I’d feel much more comfortable using one of these rather than my normal go-to for damaged hardware which would be either a cordless bandsaw or a grinder with a zip disk.

To give you an idea what I’m talking about:


Air right? My electric impacts throw sparks out of the vents.

Check usalab I believe that’s the size of their standard nut and bolt on their clamps.