Help and advice on creating my own THCP spray to infuse my flowers

Hello everyone,
I would like to make my own THCP spray in order to spray my CBD flowers for my personal consumption.
I am thinking of ordering 1 g of THCP distillate via Guilded Extract as well as 1 ml of cannabis derived terpenes in order to experiment, I have already ordered several times with them and their products have always been legitimate.

I thought about this recipe, do you think that the effect will be present so that I can smoke my flowers in joints and have an effect close to medium potency cannabis?
I would mix 0.5g of THCP distillate for 50ml of 95% edible alcohol as well as 0.5ml of terpenes which I would then insert into a spray in order to apply it to my flowers.

I would invest in a vacuum purge system afterwards if the result is satisfactory.
I also have 100g of h4cbd, adding one could be interesting?

I await your feedback and advice, thank you!

If you’re planning to make joints with it, why not simply add your “distillate” directly to the joint.

Or even infuse the papers?

What are the “terpenes” about? Is your “smokable” hemp not actually smokable without adding artificial flavor?

Why THCp? It’s almost certainly as illegal as THC, and is not derived from the plant.

See: THCp Synthesis


I’d follow the suggestion of @cyclopath. It seems very ineffective and inefficient to attempt to spray such small volumes/batches.

I mean if we just assume that everything is at a density of 1g/mL for the sake of easy math, and small spritz bottles (from what I have read online) seem to deliver about 1/17th of a mL per spray, plus the dilution factor of your THCP to ethanol means you’re going to be spraying something like 58.8mg of ethanol and only 519ug of THCP per individual spray (check my napkin math though to be sure, with the assumption that the THCP purity is 90% in the stock distillate, and everything is a 1g/mL density. I realize this isn’t realistic but should be close enough for this example).

I don’t know how potent THCP compared to D9 in terms of its agonistic effects on receptors and how it effects you when you take a specific dose, but I’m a light weight and 15mg of D9 will make me feel good, that would be equivalent to ~30 sprays at your concentrations and I feel that would be a lot of ethanol that would be soaked into your joint at that point.

When we spray to infuse we spray straight distillate without any diluent but we are able to do this on a larger scale and can use materials that can withstand the heat required to make these oils flow and become atomized with relative ease.

Just kind of rambling here so take from it what you will.

EDIT Corrected vocabulary thanks for pointing that out @moronnabis

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Zoraku…”agonist”…all good.

thank you very much for your response :slightly_smiling_face:
Unfortunately in the place where I live it is difficult to obtain THC flowers which are very expensive and of poor quality. THCp is in legal limbo so more or less legal, I currently have a d9 distillate from Canada and it is very powerful in edible form but in joints it has very little effect.
I wanted to spray my THCP distillate in order to make rolling simpler, faster (often very sticky) and given its power to allow a more precise dosage.
For the addition of terpenes, hemp flowers legal in Europe contain few compared to the varieties sold in the USA (best that I have tasted, incredible value for money), I plan to add CDT to have a real entourage effect .

Thank you zoraku for your calculation, I take note! Indeed I should review my ethanol dosage :smile:
It is currently at the idea stage, I reassure you, and I thought of this quantity for a test on 50g of flowers with 0.5g of distillate, which represents approximately 0.01g of THC per gram of flowers. I just ?
I read that the average dosage was between 0.003 and 0.005g per use I share the link with you: THC-P Dosage: How Much Should You Take?
I have no idea of ​​a real calculation to be carried out to obtain the right ratio in terms of effect, knowing that THCp is 33x stronger than d9, I am perhaps afraid of an Bad Trip dose .

Broflovski: are. You real? Do you really have THCP? Show us the data….you have all these ideas about using THCP but do not seem to have any idea of the lethal nature of FULL AGONISTS, or the detrimental effects of prolonged use. One can not compare binding kinetics of THCP to THC and think I just have a “strong dose of THC”.

“I have no idea of a real calculation”, really , You have no idea WTF you are doing , period.

IF you take a lethal dose of a full CB1 agonists…you become catatonic and immobile for about 8 hours…once the acute phase is over, you seem to recover and then die three days later.

The obvious answer is that they’re not making it for personal use, they want to sell it. We’re supposed to believe that they’ll buy a vacuum purging system to drop on their kitchen counter for their personal joints?

sometimes I think you get rid of one AI bot question only to “replace” … by… “pop up”…you real? …whigh is an intentional …”not question”?

Look into centrifuges with a dual or triple axis(a triple axis will need 1/10th the rpm a dual axis will.)

Centrifuges are heavily slept on in this industry, while 1 axis centrifuges are a staple to separate people completely sleep on other aspects of centrifuges.(the fact they can mix compounds more viscous than distillate, puddys, solids, pressed pill prep.) for relatively cheap prices. Also you wouldnt have to spray it you just come up with a sop of a mix time and how much THCP to flower and you don’t have to dilute/include a solvent like ethanol. Just mix, yes this does heat it up and yes it can be automated by plc their are refrigerated options. although much more expensive, fucking kicks ass for live resin joints.

Hope to have a product line out soon as i saw people selling it for 10x the price i can get it MFG for with CE certifications.

Someone posted about them in 2017, boy did we overlook him.

…and you believe them?!?

Despite their claim that their carts are 100% hemp

THCp can be extracted from plants with the appropriate genetics… but those genetics don’t appear to have been built yet.

The THC-P vape carts at Binoid contain one milliliter of 100% hemp, which means that each cartridge has a milligram strength of 1000mg (1 gram)

Even if their THCp was hemp derived, there would not be 1000mg of THCp in there.

As their THCp is almost certainly synthetic, all their claims should be considered suspect (at best).

@Broflovski got me thinking …about what is it about full agonist vs partial agonists , for example the dimethylheptyl analogues used by Adams in the early 40’s which were so lethal at high dose for dogs …and THC a partial agonist which for the most part shows low toxicity.

Here is a screen shot of some research on a couple of full agonists , 2AG and CP55, 940 vs THC with regards to CB1 activation and Arrestin recruitment.

I can not say anything intelligent about the“full agonist” activation levels, but note that THC has virtually no activity in this regard. So with regards to the CB1 receptor activation, full agonist , here showing significant arrestin activation; is not going to be the same “high” as partial agonist, THC exhibiting no arrestin activation.

Graphs from M.S. Ibsen et al; (2019)

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