THCp Synthesis


Iv recently heard about thcp and was curious what process is involved in making it?

No, it’s typically made from spherophorol and one of several terpenoid building blocks.

It is fairly complicated, often resulting in mixtures of d8- and d9-THCP that aren’t that straightforward to separate on larger scale.


Try giving a search in Google scholar.,5&q=tetrahydrocannabiphorol+synthesis#d=gs_qabs&u=%23p%3DhRmAcmQCG6AJ

It’s more than likely out of your ability to make it.

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The “problem” is that this will always be a multistep synthesis. Just the C7-tail resorcinol is a three step synthesis.

Starting materials are not cheap.


It’s not impossible, just a fairly complicated multistep synthesis with concomitant attrition of overall yield.

No wonder THCP is $150-200 per gram.


What you would do is to use your favorite total synthesis of d9-THC as your starting point recipe and use spherophorol instead of olivetol.

Everything else is more or less the same.

But without a good feel for how to make THC from scratch, I would think twice before embarking on THCP.

Spherophorol, the homolog of olivetol, isn’t too complicated to make, reagents not too nasty.

Problems arise later and having to deal with d8/d9-THCP issues.


Thank you very interesting.

So… Cbd to d9 then 1 step further? Iv only done reading on the converstions

No, you cannot start with CBD as it has the defined 5-carbon tail. You want a 7-carbon tail and that is impossible to make from the 5-carbon tail.

You have to start much “upstream”.


THC is THC, whether it’s made from scratch or isolated from the plant and further purified.

But it is easier to get to USP grade (> 98% d9 and < 2% d8) by synthesis. I think.

Would you be making THCP in a jurisdiction where it is ok to make THCP?

Anywhere in the US, more likely than not you will have the analog/homolog act breathing down your neck, as THCP is a lot more potent than THC.

Basically, you’ll need a DEA exemption to make the molecule, then jump through a ton of hoops to be able to export it to a country where it may be legal.

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No, THC also has the shorter 5-carbon tail that cannot be elongated after the fact, so to speak.

You would not be in compliance with the feds since you are deliberately making something that is structurally very similar to THC, and much more potent.

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For molecules to be illegal, they need not be explicitly listed in the CSA. In this case the analog act is 100% applicable.

If you are serious, and can show the DEA that you have a customer in a country where THCP is legal, and you have local approval to do chemistry, then you stand a chance to get a DEA license to make it.

They might just want some for themselves, who knows?



The pyrophoric catalyst used to make cbd into high d9 thc

It can make cbd p into d9 thc p

It’s the catalyst I was talking about here


From my limited experience explaining multistep synthesis to non-chemists, I’d say that the biggest misconception concerns the overall yield of a reaction sequence.

In natural products total synthesis, it’s not uncommon for the final overall yield to end up in the low single digit percentage. I’d say that’s the first thing that an entrepreneur needs to take into account.

The situation with respect to THCP (or other homologs) is somewhat better since its synthesis has a convergent character. Time/effort is spent making the resorcinol part and time/effort is spent on making the terpenoid moiety.

Yes, cyclizing (isolated) CBDP is an approach one could take, but as The King pointed out, the CBDP has to be separated from CBD in a rather resource intensive manner. You’d be seriously limited by what the genetics can provide.

With synthesis there are other hurdles but once the route has been validated, scalability almost follows naturally if the chemist kept that factor in his/her mind from the get-go.

Scaling to multi kilogram batches should not become a showstopper, however, meeting the d9/d8 requirements of the customer can easily turn into a nightmare.

There’s a third way, and that would be to enlist the plant enzymes in a biotechnology fashion. While it still requires spherophorol, one could make CBGPa and outsource the final step to a company working with the enzymes. That would provide the d9 isomer of THCP only, and you wouldn’t have to work with the scheduled compound, some company in Canada could do that and ship to your customer. Just a thought.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing the TiBA patent to my attention.


I appreciate both of you engaging in this discussion with me. This is a very interesting topic .
Someone had tobe creative to come up with such ideas

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I am not consulting on anything that I have no personal experience with or trade secrets that have been shared with me, NDA or no NDA.

I don’t consider the TiBA patent a trade secret. After I met you, and after you encouraging me to join the Forum (again, Thank you), I did go through most of the threads pretty closely, and TiBA was mentioned more than once.

When adults share information between each other, particularly information that have personal content or private opinions, it is generally done with the tacit understanding that it stays between them.

Saving DMs and screenshots to later use in a vindictive manner is really very childish and most people would agree, the sign of someone who doesn’t understand common decency.

I entered your gummy thread answering some pretty basic questions from other commenters, it pretty quickly devolved, mainly because you quickly strayed from what was discussed and your “gotcha!” attitude.

Funny how you have nothing to say to me but still cannot let it go, threatening me with a bashing thread.

As someone else pointed out, this is not how any of this works, or should work.

Good luck with your endeavors and your new machine. I mean it.


Yes, an overall 4% yield is always heartbreaking. Yes, isolation is difficult, however it seems rather comparable with the synthetic pathway, with the benefit of of higher volumes.

As for the bio synthetic pathway, that would be something I’d like to see! I saw a talk (more a sales pitch) about it in Vegas this year. I’m not so sure it will make CBD, THC, d8, and CBN more accessible, but it could provide an economical and pure source of varrins and phorols.