Has anyone had success with PG infusion of THC?

I have messed around with extractions for quite a while and it was my understanding that THC did not infuse into PG. Yet a company named Ardent has a product not unlike the Magic butter where they claim to be able to decarb flower and infuse into PG in a two phase process.

The website even had COA’s that rated high 90’s of THC and very little minors. That and I haven’t heard of it commercially implemented yet and I would have thought it would be a sought after product.

Any advice?

Sorry for the crappy OP. Basically I didn’t think this would work, there are no processes online that have shown this to work, no one sells it commercially and I’m confused. If it’s possible I’d like to give it a solid go and was hoping for advice moving forward.

I thought cooking extract for an hour or two at 110c would destroy the product but the COA says otherwise.

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Links or it didn’t happen :wink:

(I see no such device on ardent’s website)

To achieve 90+ % THC the extraction solvent needs to be removed. Curious how that would be achieved as an “infusion”.


Tell me about it. How To Make Cannabis Infused Oil | Ardent Cannabis

I just wanted to know if it was even possible. This is just a decab device - nothing special. I was of the understanding infusing into PG couldn’t be done. The site even insisted the product won’t degrade over time in the infusion process, after its already gone through a decarb.

Hey it’s interesting it’s just that I was told it couldn’t be done and I’ve been humbly running BHO for the last two years.

That’s 90% “extraction efficiency” as in they got most of the cannabinoids out.

Totally different from 90% thc.

Did not see PG listed as a solvent there, but haven’t quite finished reading yet


Weirdly enough they don’t. Ah on further inspection of the test report it doesn’t show a percentage. My bad on that one.

Goes against everything I’ve been taught thus far :stuck_out_tongue:

“1 gram of Decarbed Dragon’s Bait infused into 1 ounce PG Not detected 179.74mg 179.74mg 90.8% http://bit.ly/DragonPG

PG will absolutely work better than VG

VG is an absolutely terrible solvent for our targets.

Surprised at 90% efficiency for PG

Seems worth trying to replicate. If you like that sort of thing…

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Thanks for the reply - if that’s the case I’ll give it a shot. I learned something new today thank you :slight_smile:

That’s 1gram into 28ml for the PG

with some of the other solvents they’re in the 4g/28ml range and still getting decent extraction.

Using 20% input, and 90% efficiency, you’ve got 180mg in 28ish mls.

That’s 6.5mg/ml on a good day.

Not what you’re used to huffing…


If it were possible to concentrate that further I wonder how high you could take it - or am I understanding this wrong? 1g per 28ml seems extremely weak. even 4 times that is too weak.

Now you get the difference between using a solvent you can trivially remove and one you’re stuck in…

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So then I’m back to the same old issue of what are the best emulsifiers lol. The site got me excited but I didn’t think it would be that weak.

Back when it looked like Canada was going to limit us to 0.3% thc in extracts we made some 25mg/ml vape juice in VG. It was quite popular people who are not usually heavy cannabis enthusiasts - at that low of a concentration they could puff on it all night and not get too high. Nice and easy to moderate your intake if you don’t need hundreds of mg.

I still think there’s a place for that product in the marketplace tbh, just not at this present moment.

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How high could you take it with your equipment do you think?

We never tried much higher than that. I seem to remember the 25mg/ml stuff being fairly stable in a cool dark room for about a year before it really separated. But once you hit it with heat it would start to break. It always separated in the vape juice tank.

We never played with it too much more because Health Canada removed head from ass (a little) and let us have proper extracts.


That is exactly what I was wondering - thanks for that. Regular PG never worked when trying to emulsify a concentrate. I’ll let the person know who linked me to this to not waste their time - they’re better off with a distillate.

PG infusion can absolutely be used to make distillates/isolates efficiently… it carries some unique advantages, and disadvantages compared to other methods.

My PG infusions tend to top out between 6 and 7% total potential cbd.