Low dose CBD DIY

Hi all, got a call yesterday looking for help putting med production into the hands of parents of children with epilepsy.

I’ve been making ethanol extracts and diluting into MCT at about 10mg/ml for these kids for several years now. We’ve been giving it away. It’s getting harder to manage that trick in our regulated environment.

But there does seem to be a loophole. my reading of the hemp rules suggest that a registered Hemp handler can sell or give away as much hemp as they like. I’ve asked the state for confirmation twice, but they have been non-responsive.

What I’d like to do is teach these parents how to make meds that are equivalent to what I’ve been providing. There are some fairly inexpensive, small scale ethanol recovery rigs out there, but I’d like to go lower tech, because some of these parents are almost as fragile as their offspring (PTSD from dealing with their kids refractory medical conditions).

Current plan is to extract directly into the MCT using a variation of the crockpot butter tek. crockpot cannabis butter recipe - Google Search

24g of 10% CBD biomass (not an unreasonable potency for our popcorn) into a cup of MCT should result in a tincture fairly similar to the 10mg/ml they’ve been using.

I imagine that running 4-8cups of water in the crockpot below the MCT will result in a better color and taste on the resulting tincture, and I assume that scooping off the top layer and throwing it in the freezer to enable removal of the remaining water would do the trick.

Has anyone actually performed this trick? Anyone in the Eugene area have access to a GC or HPLC for quantification? (mine is still down. awaiting a new column).

Edit: got a response back from the state…as usual their written comprehension sucks! Asked again…

Edit: got someone from ODA on the phone, yeah, we can give away appropriately tested hemp, but they are not allowed to extract it at home. even with butter. So clearly the hemp needs to magically turn back into cannabis once we hand it to them. So they can legally extract at home.


Why not extract it and combine the refined extract with your oil? Cbd isolate is very common on the internet. Blend with oil and voila!

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I want enabling technology for those that can manage it.

We are processing our hemp in an OLCC licensed facility, making any extract or isolate subject to OLCC anti-diversion rules. They want us to jump through all sorts of hoops to get the formulated product into the hands of these parents. eg it needs to go through a dispensary.

handing them the biomass directly seems to be an end run around all that.

given they way prices are dropping, it might in-fact make just as much sense to teach them the math behind diluting store bought isolate into MCT.


so…I went with a short ethanol extraction, added a little water to louche the cannabinoids out of the Ethanol, and added a measured amount of MCT to pick up the cannabinoids.

I separated the layers out using a separatory funnel (one of the mom’s said she had a case of 12 at home!!), but just throwing it in the freezer is also an appropriate separation. the cannabinoid laden oil is solid & on the bottom, and colored slightly amber or green depending on if you decabed in the oven right before use. the still white ethanol/water pours right off.

I’ll have to try this under more controlled conditions, and check extraction efficiencies. Without solid data on required residence times and temps, I didn’t feel confident just going straight from biomass into MCT. I’ll probably spend the time to gather that data as well at some point.


Cyclopath did you ever go further down the MCT path? I’m really striking out with the search function. Here’s the situation:

My mom currently has, and I shit you not, about 10lbs of CBD kief (from last years trimming) and a solid 1/2 ounce of THC kief (from grinding her smoke). She’s currently still buying CBD oil for her and my grandfather (who broke 85% of the bones in his body in his 30’s). I’d like for her to be able to do a simple, non-volatile, extraction of the kief so she can stop spending so much money on questionable commercial CBD oil. Also considering ordering her some distillate from a verified slanger, but I’d rather use what she already has.

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Can she make cannabutter with the kief? That is pretty simple. Dairy butter for edibles or coconut oil for a topical.

Probably doable, I’d prefer to go into an organic plant derived oil with a low spoilage factor though. If oil doesn’t work out, i’ll definitely suggest butter tech.

@Dr_Jebril posted some Cbd/MCT solubility data the other day.

With kief, MCT, and Mom as the starting points, I’d suggest a vita-mix and TLC as the missing components.

And targeting about 100mg/ml

I personally haven’t gone there yet, because I’m an idiot and am still huffing my meds…

I have tried getting others to explore this particular rabbit hole without much success (defined as them paying me for said sage advice :shushing_face:)…but I haven’t given up, and am not yet willing to disclose how I suggested @ZenLion get that job done.

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That is a slick solution with the homogenizer but … ouch on the pricing hah. I wonder if can do a poor man’s version with a cordless drill or dremmel, and extension, and a steel hole saw bit: https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/66163668

Follow the vitamix link.
Hot oil has been proven effective.
(See magic butter).

oh snap, missed that thanks. hmmmm you are a resourceful fella arent you? heh.

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I also got a cheaper idea for such process, which I think has overall a lot of potential.

I only tested the method at small scale, but it worked out well, and is very simple. I did onlv noted the efficiency that time, not all figures on proportion, time etc…

It can be achieved at low temperature, without doing much. I used the 63microns impurity from a hash (testing at about 10% d9). I put it into a small mason jar, like 70g, and I think I added the same amount of mct oil. Then I let it sit. After 1-2 days, the hash had sort of sucked up the mct oil, forming a goo, and the whole mix had turned from pale yellow/green to dark brown. Then I just pressed a chunk of that paste by hand, using a serynge and cotton… a yellow oil testing about 8% d9 came out… :wink:

This was inspired by the way they produce extra-virgin olive oil in Marocco, Spain, and Italy.

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I think the vitamix will turn into a big mess…

As described above, I would go got much simple approach (perhaps even no mixing at all, just capilarity…) for the extraction step, and then use a seed oil press to get it out… I d really like to test one of such press. Have the plan to do a pre test on a classic press (using two plates sandwiching a cloth, but did not have time so far.


youtube instapot. very simple and use this little screw press Cheese Tincture Herb Fruit Wine Manual Press -0.53Gallon/ 2 Litre-Power Ball Handle-Stainless Steel & Iron for Juice, Herbal Juice,Cider,Wine,Olive Oil


It’s a cheese press, you can get em on amazon

I used one for many many batches of ethanol tinctures herbs

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A clay press could also do the job i think.

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also…get micron bags used for pressing resin. makes for very clean home made oil

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it might. :thinking:

although @CATScientific does claim decent efficacy with their high shear homogenizer when Extracting kief - #20 by CATScientific

low tech, effective, easy. sounds like a win.
assuming a decent source of trichomes to feed it.

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I also worked quite a bit on the trichome extraction part… I may elaborate on that later on.:man_scientist::man_construction_worker:


i made this at home w/ an instant pot and mct. i made a triple dose out of this stuff. outrageous w/pain. very very simple to make. i can not stress the word “simple” enough. btw i have 20 kilos of co2 cbd dis but made this using about 4oz of cbd flower to 2 cups mtc.

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