Greetings from The Extractory Company

Hello from our team at The Extractory Company. We are an OEM manufacturer of ASME/peer reviewed closed loop extraction systems designed for modern professional laboratories from small scale to large. We specialize in the design and construction of professional laboratories, CAD design services, SOP development, project consultation, custom fabrication and much more!
Visit for more information or call @313-366-2020! opus2.6 (1)|690x450


What sets you apart from the 20 other CLS system sellers that have a reputation already?

Do you have any actual photos of your system installed in the field? the 3d Cad looks decent but thats just a rendering.



Welcome to the future @The-Extractory-Pete!


What makes us unique is the level of engineering and the amount of experience we incorporate into our extraction equipment. We have pressure ratings of 350psi on all of our vessels and columns. We design ergonomics and safety first and foremost into our equipment. We also are serious about throughput. We have systems that can process anywhere from 5lbs/hr up to 120lbs/hr. The Opus Magnum 150 showcased is designed for up to 60lbs/hr.
There are some patient pending design features that work to reduce downtime, like our multi-CRC and dual reactor assemblies which increase the efficiency of the extraction process. And our column heating and cooling technology which helps decrease fugitive emissions.
All Extractory equipment is guaranteed.

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Is that system installed and functional? It doesn’t look like any plumbing is connected. The stock photo of people in lab coats pointing at a white board on your website is a bit suspicious, especially considering they are standing next to what looks like an electronics test bench of some sort.


Our e-commerce website is about to launch which will have a update for the information site which you visited. The system in the picture is a floor model of the Opus 150. We have several machines in operation today that work as intended.

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We do offer instrumentation and custom electronics as well.

I see you offer the arometrix extraction finder. Do you have any data suggesting it can see cannabinoids?

See:Fraction Finder Reviews



Welcome @The-Extractory-Pete, these kinda things are customary for new vendors here, we get a lot of sales pitches so the forum tends to be skeptical.


The extraction finder is great for indicating when cannabinoids are present which can be great for telling when the extraction process is finished. As for telling what specific cannabinoids are present it lacks in accuracy due to the varying ratios of solvent to extract.

Welcome to the forum. I see that you work with PDX Gold. Could you explain how you are affiliated them?


That has not been my experience. Nor that of some other folks who’s opinions I trust.

You might want to actually try it…


He asked if you have data, not if it sees them or not.

If you were a regular here, you’d see this is a hotly debated topic.


Perfectly understandable, not unlike the CLS groups on other social media sites! Although we may seem new to the game we have been building CLS for over a decade in conjunction with Corlee Valve and other distributors!

We distribute PDX Gold pumps for the State of Michigan.

I would love to introduce you to some options from ethical companies. Please DM if interested.


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Looks like those controls could be accessed from a wheelchair.

I looked at setting that up on the last machine I put together…cause some days I’m chair bound.

As it didn’t solve loading or unloading I couldn’t convince the boss to fund it.


My father suffered from Polio and I also have mobility issues. Ergonomics are a must, we put all of the valving forward facing so it could be accessible from the front of the machine. What height would you like to see the tops of the material columns at? I would build it…