Fraction Finder Reviews

I have a vendor who recently purchased a fraction finder. I wanted to ask how reliable this “tool” / tech is. I’m sure a few of you guys have had personal experiences with this. I’d love to hear your reviews.

He’s promising a 2% increase in potency. Far fetched if you ask me.

Damn. Rookie mistake lol. Jumped the gun.

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If there is something in particular you would like to know send me a direct message and I’m more than happy to answer it and show you some data support everything


I have more experience with the fraction finer than anybody on this page. there are customers who are teetering 82% and we’re able to get their fractions back up to 95% with the use of a fraction finer giving them a guide to their short path process


Bubbles and stray light mess with UV spec readings in my experience. If you’re free of those in your flow cell id say it’s worth a shot.


I’ve only heard good things. If you can afford it, more data is never a bad thing.

I have heard rumor of an open source competitor dropping next week though…


I recently got one. used it once so far. Its still foreign to me honestly. I hope to grasp it soon I can tell it will be an extremely useful tool once I learn more.


I was afraid that might happen the moment I convinced someone to get me one.

yeah, I’ve got one on the way and looking at the flow path today I’m going to have to rethink placement.

probably this particular one…but it’s not a new concept or a novel application.

the one I’ve got coming is not in fact for distillation.


He’s is messing with you to troll me.

The data and features would take any competitor two years to develop. Nobody has anything like what are using. The fraction finder is a dedicated hplc analyzer with real time display and even tracking for thc CBD and other compounds. It also connects to Athena lab control and allows intuative and predictive distillation control. With Athena you can also see direct graphs when fractions come in with future predictable opperations as well. You will not be dissapointed and i will offer you a money back guarantee that nobody else can do, and solid display of features and accuracy others won’t feature with thier product.

There are other people out there. Their product uses colorometry. It’s a scam. The reason is because it really only shows flow rate or how thick something is on the light sensor. In fact the only others who have done this have actually super imposed and falsified all thier public data. The other process “meters” on the market just show conducive flow rates and fluid thickness over them. The seller lie and tell you the graph is saying something when really it just shows the flow rates and how thick the fluid is over the sensor.

Shimatzu recently gave a lecture at a hplc focused conference. Someone actually asked about the ff. The cheif tech officer said the fraction finder was he most advanced real time collective flow analytical device on the market today.

Just cover your setup with a black t shirt when you want a clean reading…you have to seriously alter it’s placement to affect it. It sees anything in its path. Or use electrical tape around the connections to “darken it up”

Colorometry is not UV identification and analysis of in flow components. If you want a more detailed explanation nof this and it’s scientific comparison you can dm me, k can also send you a white paper written along side numerous processors and chemists and engineers with actual non deniable factual data. I can also supply suplimental data like that for any “knock off” to support anything you want to know.

The ff is a novel device. We have a patent on it and specifically for cannabis. It never existed prior to summit research. I believe some industries may have had some UV detection for other applications.

I am the original conceptual designer and inventor of the fraction finder. With data and proof we were the first. As a partnership I entered a company created to tackle this feature. I worked tirelessly to help developing this product and even asked all my customer to bring me samples of everything they could make for UV analysis. Arometrix was created with the team from another programing firm to create code that never existed and mining data that was never able to be mined…thier brilliant minds worked tirelessly to develop and finalize the product and we offer free support and updates for life.

Real talk it would take a multi million dollar investment and over two years for anyone to duplicate ff. If they tried tomorrow.

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Was looking over fraction finder documentation before I ask a stupid question and found this cheat sheet.

Also found the answer to my question. Fraction Finder logs in CSV format.

How is the connection made?
Ethernet? WiFi? Bluetooth? I didn’t see any info in the manual.

Is there an Fraction Finder API available to integrate it with other control systems?

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It is via direct usb. It is also locked out with dod defence software. So if you try and acsess it without permission it de flashes itself and corrupts all the data. There’s a million dollars in code on that device. Not everyone has access to something like that.

We have software that can be used along side it for laboratory control. If someone was willing to pay me enough money i would probably release a permission for said developer for integration in other software. Right now we have full control. We will open it up in the future but there’s no porpose yet. Nobody is ready to interpret the data in other software.

If I were a rich man… I would dump a few million into @CBNight and see what he can do when funded proper.

Kids a genius, and kind.

maybe we can start a GoFundMe or something


Thanks @Rowan. I appreciate the kind words, I’m not sure I am the man for the project. My plate is really full with my current company and the fraction finder on a budget was just a fun project I was working on that I wanted to share with everyone. I’m just excited to see where the industry goes in terms of new innovation. There are a lot of smart people in the industry and on this forum.


I appreciate all of the feedback! I’ll be sure to do my research before posting nevertheless thank you all.

Putting a UV detector at the bottom of a chromatography column to figure out which fractions are which is 50 yr old tech.

Not knocking what the Arometrix device achieves, but it’s not a novel concept.


not willing to spend the time tracking down exactly how “classic” a UV based fraction detector really is, but Buchi stopped making their 686 UV peak detector in 1993 and you can still buy the things…




even hobbits know that trolls are easily dispatched…it’s the Orcs you need to watch out for.

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with physical access the lockout software is meaningless and a waste of summits money. Unless the device self destructs upon disassebly it would be rather trivial to dump it