Fuck the Police, Help Tweedledew (a fundraiser)

Hey friends

Many of you may know that the cops raided my small infused skincare manufacturing setup last year. The law has finally reared its ugly head and I’m starting to climb the mountain of legal bills.

I lost my warehouse, equipment, income, and most of my life (still got my dogs and wife!). I’ve been living mostly off grid on some agricultural land, and have had a helluva year. I’ve got no running water (hopefully soon, I stink), and live in (the same year, make and model) the breaking bad RV :rofl::rofl:. I’ve been driving excavators, farming, tending my medical grow, and truly roughing it. Bootstrapping it to the Nth degree to restart my life as a farmer.

Life hasn’t been easy, or kind, cops took most of what I was worth, and it hasn’t been easy to get my feet back under me, and now I’m getting spanked with thousands in legal bills.

I’m a bit embarrassed to ask, but would be eternally grateful for any help you wanna throw my way :slight_smile:

Many members here can vouch for my legitimacy and my circumstances. Happy to provide a reference.

I’m a filthy lefty, but I’m not just here for handouts!

I don’t have a lot to give. But I can provide the following:

$10 donation - tasteful nudes of a dadbod mullet man with his pickup truck

$20 donation - not so tasteful nudes, same theme

$50 donation - a written promise to never send you anything from the lower donation tiers. Plus I’ll send a bunch of cute photos of my dogs.

$100 donation - an hour of consulting! I’m excellent with alcohol extractions and finishing (dewaxing, evaporation, membranes etc.) Equipment sourcing. Mild chromatography knowledge. Excellent alcohol distillation experience (for craft or extraction). I’ve also built a couple of CO2 systems, so I’ve got working knowledge in that field as well.

$250 donation - my procedures and equipment setup for an easy high grade alcohol extraction setup. Requires a $25k budget to handle 100+lbs per hour into diamonds. (Note, the $25k budget is not compliant with C1D1, it’s real bootstrappy).

$500 donation - my easy peasy, no mystery peak, (65% d9, 5% d8, 30% CBD) 100% measurable cannabinoid CBD conversion Tek. It’s using very easy to access ingredients that can be purchased by nearly anyone. It is fully scalable to 100s of kgs in a run, and requires no inert gases. (note, this procedure requires distillation and chromatography for remediation. It uses acids and alcohols and I will not recommend its use for anyone who will not do proper remediation as it potentially produces mutagenic compounds that need to be cleaned via chroma).

$2000 donation - I will hold your hand (likely remotely) and provide you with a business plan, recipes, and consultation for a craft spirits business. I’ve opened one in the past, and have consulted for a few others. I can source your equipment, help with safety, let you know which engineers to hire, and more!

I thoroughly appreciate this community, what it’s provided, and I humbly ask for your help :slight_smile:

Every little bit counts! If you’ve got any suggestions please let me know and I’m happy to do what I can.

Thanks! :heart:

DM me for a crypto address :slight_smile: or else @Akoyeh has kindly volunteered to handle Venmo for me, and then transfer that to me :slight_smile: or else we can do PayPal as well


God bless you as you go! I’m so proud of you for keeping on keeping on. I’m sorry that my government is doing this to you. Keto us posted on the progress!


A taste of the fresh photo content you can (or 100% won’t) get


Donated 100. Sorry that shit happened my man.


Amazing :heart::heart: my credit cards are near maxed, I sincerely appreciate it.


It almost looks like you’re threating us with a preparatory semi-nude. That is very… Semi…
I wish I had the cash to throw your way. I should be able to spare some at beginning of next month (hopefully sooner). At least enough for a tasteless nude that I can torture my friends with by sending them random emails proposing dirty things from an unknown email address.

Fuck the Police! I’ve got the jacket proving what side of the line I fall on!


When the dollars go up the shorts go down.

Maybe I’ll do some #onlyfanleaves


have you considered a career on chaturbate? If a hot girl was in a garden on there Ill bet shed be on the top. A fat bear guy in a garden=MONEY$$$$ You just gotta get over the fact its all guys jerkinng to you. You should see my naked hackeysack show.


Desperate times call for desperate measures…

I’m friends with some sex workers, maybe they can help me make a calendar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How much for the full calendar?


I’ll make some calls and see who’s down. I’ll say $60, includes shipping, you can choose boobs, bears, or a combination.


you can make money off my buddies website customology.com I was kidding it makes no sense? He stopped buying weed and doesnt answer his phone. I think he lost it.

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Hahahha yah that sites a wild ride…

I hope that was Canadian dollars…


Keep your head up and keep fighting that good fight! Kudos for best fundraising post on the forum to date! That shit still has me laughing randomly to myself.

Wish I had more to give. Someday I’ll have a job again…


Im like? and he got his site stolen too, who would steal that?


lmao I was like what are they talking about till I zoomed in on the pictures…in field like that I may go without clothes all the time

If anyone hits me up for disty consulting or active cls I’m gonna send em to u. As late im running really low on funds myself or id toss u 100



All good, I was gonna get that diamond consult from yah but I got my big bad $$ news a couple days ago. Now I’m in survival mode lol. Thanks :blush:


well there’s a good fam here and uve been part of it for while now. These guys takes care their own



“Sharks of the Sea that See!”
Fucking million dollar idea right there, because, like… They Fucking SEE in The Sea (spoken to me by a Bee).
That’s some heavy shit right there…


I met him in the poker room? I had the impression he may be on h but who knows. Hes a great guy… I feel bad for him that he seems to have invested his life into that website. He tried telling me to sign up= to what? and thats his real pic at the bottom and why would you post a pic like that? suicidal? I just ckicked on a vid on there and it sux- he is in very poor health compared to before. I still have a giant elk sausage he gave me in my freezer ill bet he may have gotten covid. he looks to have lost 100 lbs since 8 months ago.