Fake lab tests?

Hello. Am I allowed to post lab tests here I believe to be fake or sketchy in some way?

Edit: wanted to ask what everyone thinks the process is? I’m gonna take notes and draw diagrams of how everything is made as best as I can, one of my goals is to understand how conversions is made to help expose the bad conversions and dirty ones. From what I’ve gathered you can CRC the crude, before isomerization or after? Then distill it. Or convert cbd>d9 the “traditional” way with no corner cutting or anything. The thing that set me off was the high D8 % as someone pointed out its not natural, my understanding before this is still quite poor but I’m understanding it more. I’ll update on diagrams and notes. I want to get to the bottom of how people make it to spread awareness of Bad conversion.


These guys are good with that. I think I’d black out the name and address of the purchaser of the test in case they are a member

Let see these……




you can always send 'em my way


Chromo, or it didn’t happen…

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Who wants to see em? I’ll post em up idrc. I showed PDX as well, both agree its sketchy as all hell especially since the address is in Canada

Edit: the guy who showed me the tests lives in Canada. Didn’t mention till after I told him I was asking around.

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Definitely the highest d9 conversion I’ve ever seen.


Think it could be hemp>d9 conversion? Also guy I pulled screenshot from said he lives in Canada but he didn’t mention that until now so I apologize for that part there.

Doubtful on the lab testing integrity but seems like a real coa

Show me more 90s d9 conversions

It’d definitely not natural d9

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I haven’t seen any conversion d9 COA’s until this one so I never really guessed it would be hard to get 90% D9 but makes a lot of sense.

More sketchy part is the 99% cannabinoid

That’s my red flag. How high in d9 and tac. It’s hemp made.

Be awesome to see more of this tho

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That was my first red flag was the THC, the D8 % and total cannabinoid. The D8 part set it off more as thats when I asked him if it was converted and he didn’t know but he got samples sent to another lab apparently.

D8 in those numbers is unheard of naturally.

So its an isomerization.

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I’ll let him know.

Good old cbd changed to the fire


“The fire”

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It’s better than 96% D8


idk, could just be someone who shopped for a lab that hands out high TAC %

The CBG and CBD say non-converted, but I guess industrious hempsters can just spike the shit to make it look legit


Triisobutylaluminium is a hell of a catalyst

One of the homies saw me post the sop in another thread and ran it and sent me this xD

Yes its in house but fuck



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