Extracting and winterizing while skipping the butane

Hey there, so I’ve done a bunch of reading but haven’t quite found the answer to my question. I was wondering if it’s possible to skip the butane in extraction and only use everclear to extract and also winterize? Can I do a soak/wash to extract from the material and then once that’s done, freeze the liquid to winterize? The goal is not tinctures but smokeable product. Thank you.


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Yeah I saw this but I was looking for something that doesnt require all that equipment because I dont have all that.

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What equipment do you have, and what is it you are missing to perform this trick?

This is about as easy as it gets for making a dabbable product with ethanol.


I’ve got a stainless blast tube, a pid controlled hotplate, a vac chamber, and a vac pump. I have no rotovap, and no 2nd person to assist me. I was going to try to wash my material, freeze it, and buy a buchner funnel kit to filter it, then let it air dry for however long it takes.

Ok. So how do you propose performing an ethanol wash using that stainless blast tube?

Go look up QWET.


I was going to use a big ass mason jar.

Why not use your vac chamber?

Because you’ll get ethanol in your pump?

Probably a better place for it than in your extract.

If you start with cold solvent, then you can skip “winterizing”.

Is your everclear 190? Or 140?

Sorry I’m not being very detailed. Let it air dry until the majority of it has evaporated then do the final purge in the vac chamber. The everclear will be 190.

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Yep. Won’t find much asking that way.

“Ethanol extraction” on the other hand pulls up months worth of reading…

Suggested search terms: EHO, QWET, bucket tek,

Eg: EHO vs BHO

Some folks don’t have access to that. It matters. the 120 proof available in CA won’t extract much in the way of cannabinoids without augmentation.


And yeah i did a little bit of reading on ethanol extraction but most of what i saw was for making edibles. I’ll keep reading.

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Instead of a Mason jar, try an all stainless, double walled French press. I use two 1.5 liter French presses for home extraction, and they keep things nice and cold during the process.

I chill my etoh in one gallon stainless thermoses with dry ice. Just be damn sure the lid NEVER is closed, or they will turn into a nasty alcohol filled pipe bomb.

You can piece together a basic still out of glassware to recover the bulk of your etoh.

If you want nice smokeable extract i suggest getting your alcohol as cold as possible, like -40 or colder, and the winterization can be skipped altogether.

Get some celite for your buchner, and you’ll have much better clarity vs paper alone.


eg: Did I do a good job on this EHO or not?

I think your problem in getting a smokable product will come in the distillation phase and not the extraction phase.

Bucket tek can get you to crude, but you need distillate for a smokable product.

I certainly used to make huffable QWET’s…both before I started making hash professionally, and when the folks I was working with fumbled their hydrocarbon license. even used a PX1 to make some of them.

seen plenty loaded in carts too.

are they on par with hydrocarbon extracts? nope. but certainly usable, and even commercially viable in some markets (even now).


This is for personal use mainly. personal and maybe for some of my friends. i have so much trim that I’ve let accumulate so i need to do something with it and was hoping I could skip the butane as how much butane I will need to run all this will be like 4 cases of cans. I dont have a lab or any of that stuff. Just basic blasting gear and that’s it.

you absolutely can. although most come at it from the other direction (ethanol extraction first, because it’s safer).

there are many solvents you can use. including no solvent at all.

that is a primary reason folks move to closed loops…

I know I know, but I’m a small timer so that’s out of the question for now. maybe in the future.

Not necessarily. There is water in 95%, water in the “dried” plant material and the water you add…your choice….
No need for ice of any form, no real need for winterization and if your going after THCA and THC…you can get an amorphic crystalline with out distillation.

@EverettMarm …”Bucket tek can get you to crude, but you need distillate for a smokable product.”…that bucket doesn’t hold water.

The write up by the “Lost Biologist” is a classic. Everyone should give it a read.


Try this and if this is too much for you then just stick to buying it instead of trying to make it-