Edibles not working on some people

Edibles don’t work on everyone, some people (including myself) just can’t get high from them.
This is a known phenomenon often discussed on Reddit, but I have never seen any research of knowledgeable discussion of it.

Is there any research into this? Any way to make them work? Any idea what is causing the THC not to be digested and passed to the liver? Or is it the liver not processing it? Etc.



How much do you consume? Are you talking 10mg or 1g?


I’ve tried store stuff of 5-10mg as well as personal stuff of 200mg per dose, and tested 1000mg (of distillate) in a shot glass of alcohol, and separately 1000mg in a shot glass of MCT oil. No effect.

Really? And you’re sure it’s thc and not cbd?


Yes, I vape it regularly… I’ve also used decarbed flower without any luck.

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Hmmmm. I honestly am surprised. Thc metabolizes into 11-hydroxy-thc (which is much stronger) in the liver after going through the stomach. Since you get high for smoking it i would assume you should do so from ingesting it.

Have you tried asking the almighty Google?

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Nothing on google other than clickbait or anecdotal stuff on reddit. That post you linked is very clickbait for example, did you even read it? It contains zero information and is just SEO bait.

I just posted it for you.

"Having higher or lower CYP enzymes alter the rate of metabolism and may even mean that THC isn’t metabolized at all. "

Did you read it?

I am just trying to help you. I honestly don’t know, cause i haven’t ever met anyone or heard about people not getting high from eating it, other than it not being consumed with fat of course.


If you eat 1000mg of distillate you’re fucked up. I’ve never met anyone that wasn’t


Yeah, i ate 10-15g once and 2g another time. Completely fucked for days.


Definitely hits everyone differently. I’ve heard (not sure how true) that eating right before hand can help for some reason.

Could be correlated to body fat percentage.

I do have a very low body fat percentage.

That article has no sources or studies, it’s could be making that up for all it matters to me. I do appreciate the help though.

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I have tried it multiple times with no luck, tried with a fatty meal, tried on an empty stomach, wasted a lot of distillate. Nothing works.

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Try water soluble D9-THC. I’ve heard it works on people that regular edibles don’t. No science attached, just heresay.


Vg tinctures hit differently for sure. I have some if anyone wants to sesh and po up


Every person and animal is different. If a compound even had any orally bioavailability (probably >90% didn’t) our ballpark expectation was 90% first pass metabolism. The liver is just doing it’s job of removing toxins. Some higher, some less. Assuming you are consuming d-9, as opposed to THC-A or CBD, it just may not work for you.


So I have a lady friend and I trust what she tells me about 80% of the time. She claims she cant get high from edibles either, and that she researched and found about 1/20 people lack the enzymes to metabolize into 11-hydroxy/norcarboxy.

She also claims (wildly) that she gets rocked from certain transdermal patches. Which I dont understand because phytocannabinoids typically have a very low transdermal bioavailability… I can agree that there probably is some localized effect, but she is the only person I’ve ever met who says she gets high from a patch…