Distilling out Etoh for Canna Sugar

Currently looking to reclaim ethanol from an edibles process where I cold rinse decarbed flower with etoh and then evaporate that etoh on sugar to make canna-sugar. It would be more efficient if I could reclaim most of the etoh for reuse and just leave enough behind to pour the extract on to the sugar. Craft scale - just need to do a few liters wash at a time.

Should I use a mantle and glassware or is there a different still that would be better?

Should I run glassware under a vacuum? I’ve got a leftover Adixen Pascal 2021i, that’s probably too much vacuum?

Whats the cheap end of the cost spectrum look like for a still that would do both my recovery and also make ethanol from 10% fermented wash? Am I better off with two stills for that?

I tried searching around but didn’t find anything that fit my purpose here, if I missed a good thread let me know!
Any advice on any of this is appreciated!

Removing the etho from a small amount of extract is probably best done under vacuum in glassware on a mantle. Making your own etho from a fermented base, I’d probably consider a rotary evaporator.


Look at it from a volumetric standpoint.

Recovery vs Producing from 10% wash are an order of magnitude different.

Same rig might be usable, but it won’t be efficient unless it’s continuous flow (Eg FFE ie membrane based).

The problem I have with using a Rotovap to go from a low proof wash is also volumetric.

In order to FILL the receiving flask you have to empty the water out of the boiler repeatedly.

10% left in the boiling flask (recovery) vs 90% left in boiling flask (ethanol production) makes a huge difference in utility imo.


Vac oven and cold trap?

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Imo, 5L Rotovap is your best bet.


I’ll get a second still to make etoh and use glassware to recover etoh. Its been years since that vacuum ran last, I think it tested at 5-10 micron then, am I going to need a vacuum regulator?

I’d do a cheap glass cold trap if I do a vacuum? I’ve been using gentle heat and a fan to dry the wash to the table sugar. If I got to doing extracts for vaporizing I’d look into the vac oven, just edibles currently though.

Got a chest freezer I’ll use for setting up a diy chiller, freeze some water in a commando tote

I’ll probably end up trying to decarb in the flask to save time & effort.

you’ve infusing sugar with THCa, not d9?



I guess decarbed so it would be d9. Decarbing in the flask would be to save time and be more consistent vs decarbing flower in smallish batches in oven or a nova. etoh wash flower either way


Disty coated sugar seems like a problem waiting to happen. No matter what you make with it the disty is oil soluble and the sugar is water soluble. You’ll get a separation during production that will likely prevent good homogenization because your d9 didn’t have a good chance to mix into whatever carrier your recipe had in it, if any.

If you’re thinking this will make for d9 sugar you can dissolve into drinks, I’ve seen that attempted before and it won’t work either.

Realistically you may not need any ethanol at all if you’re just trying to coat sugar with cannabinoids heat alone might be sufficient.


Think they’re just after infused sugar.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either, but it can certainly be managed without much in the way of tooling.

Eg: How do I infuse CBD into sugar - #3 by cyclopath


Controlled leak.


Personal medical use and as a caregiver, homogenization just needs to be good enough to make it work.

It is a bit chunky in cold coffee drinks and sticks to the glass a fair bit. Yeah decarbed extract coated sugar is…was the goal. Now I’m thinking making soda, or sugar/dextrin to dissolve in drinks is a better goal to have.

Especially if its as easy as mixing with cyclodextrin and etoh?

I’m going to have to read up on options…just read a bunch of posts from ~2020 with lots of discussion, and fighting, about solubility and thc/cbd sugar products… seems complicated…

Going to keep reading, maybe syrup instead of dry sugar should be the goal if I want solubility? Not exactly sure how that changes the problem though. Mostly patients here use it in coffee, sounds like you made a honey years ago that worked well for that purpose @cyclopath. It’s been a while since I was staying caught up with the 4200 forum, probably take me a bit to figure out what’s new/current in the world of dissolving thc/extracts and making drinks.

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I’m currently running “coffee brightner”: 30mg THC:50mg CBD in MCT.

Same concept as “coffee blackner”, except BHO rather than RSO based.

Works great once you’re used to the dosing…

With cream. Still floats. Usable but far from homogeneous or complete delivery

Most is delivered in the first couple of sips…but there is still a film on the cup.

The 2ml I dropped in here probably delivers 80% of the payload. Don’t notice any variation in delivered dose from day to day, but I’m not sure I’d notice if said variation was less that 15% or so.

Edit: chased with boiling water to get an idea how much was left behind. Looks well less that 10% (200ul) to me


THC + maltodextrin + lecithin + corn syrup/honey/maple syrup works great


until you add it to water?

at which point the water soluble stuff leaves the cannabinoids to their own devices (floating)?!?

No it makes a milky emulsion that is more or less stable depending on how much surfectant is used


I want to say thank you all for the advice!

I’ve had a crazy sinus infection for the last couple days, though no covid according to the test at least. I am better enough to order some ingredients,

That looks like most of it comes out when you drink it, seems way better than the sugar. It looks like it requires way less volume of oil than the butter I’ve done before in coffee as well. That’s with no Maltodextrin?

That sounds good too! Gonna have to try both ways. I have got a pound or two of sunflower lecithin already. That mix mostly stays homogenized when stored at room temps?

I should probably search out the recipe rather than ask for an estimate on what ratio of ingredients to use to get a milky emulsion?
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I’ll probably make a post about my recipe in the coming weeks. Working on scaling it up right now and sending samples to KCA this week to check how homogenous it really is :grin: this recipe is a good start if your interested in making a THC infused sweetener type product: CannaDrip Water-Soluble THC Syrup


Awesome! I hope it does the trick! You’ve probably seen (this article). I’ll check out that post, water soluble THC syrup would be a nice thing to have in the tool box for sure.

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