Dialing in BHO purge for novice user?

When I blast my product it looks really nice I can whip it up into a nice golden yellow badder then after I put it into the vaccum Chamber I use my household oven set at 40c and then run the vaccum chamber to -27hg
My oil comes out looking very dark when I’m clumps and sticky now it also won’t whip up

First pics are 1g out the batch whipped up and (not vacced) (still full of solvent )

Second pics are straight after blasting into the vac chamber and into the oven

Have I burned my oil and is there any reason the dark stuff won’t whip back up

Stop open blasting. Do some research and get yourself a closed loop if you still want to make BHO.

It is certainly possible to burn the oil, and if it were to decarb you wouldn’t be able to whip it. However, 40c isn’t really hot enough to darken product like that or decarb without a significant amount of time. Is it possible you’re heating the oil beyond what you think?

Pancake griddles and heat mats were pretty common with the old stock pot vacuum chambers. Used vacuum ovens are pretty cheap these days too.

Also, don’t blast or place the oil straight into the chamber, it should be in a jar/dish or on some parchment.


The heat from the oven comes from the bottom I just placed my vac onto the bottom and set oven at 40c I would hit the vac when I noticed the oil had liquified do you think cause the chamber was sitting on the heat source for quite a while this could of burned the oil as even no the oven is set at 40c im unsure if this is accurate as the bottom of my chamber was getting quite hot where I could only touch it for a couple of seconds

If I where to buy a heat mat what reaches 45c could I just place my chamber on top of this or would the bottom of the chamber get to hot sitting on it over time ?

Here is my vaccume chamber if I where to buy a heat pad what goes to 45c would I get better results than just using a basic oven at 40c

Definitely sounds hotter than 40c. A temp probe or IR gun could give you a better idea.

Heat mats tend to have better temp control at that range and shouldn’t overshoot like a convection oven. Placing the oil on a ceramic tile as @Roguelab suggested will disperse the heat more evenly and slow any fluctuations.

I’d search for a used vac oven.

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That’s probably closer to 60C…and could be hotter for folks with daily practice fondling hot stuff.



Looks like it would fit in a small crockpot, $5 a St Vincent’s.

Temp control can be trivially added…the Alu beads are expensive enough that I’d recommend water as a heat transfer medium.

Crosslinking: although merging might make make as much sense

Yep, I’ll grab some pieces from the kiln at 80c

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You guys think this heat mat will be fine it reaches 45c and automatically shuts of at 50c if anybody could please explain a process for me that would be great I will have these products

Glass extracter tube
Vaccum chamber
Heat mat 0-45c (shuts off at 50c)

Not the best, but it’s better than your oven.

I believe this is the one made for your specific chamber. There’s cheaper options that will work fine though.

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Cheers bro Didn’t know they had these will get this one instead would you have any methods for me to get any of these wax / sugar / budder preferably budder

I’m curious if these are the same, they cost about half as much. Maybe the lab armor ones are polished?



Copper BBs

Amazon.com : Crosman Copperhead 4.5mm Copper-Coated BBs (6000-count) : Air Gun Pellets : Sports & Outdoors

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Shot tends to be smaller and varies more in size. Should work the same though. They also have 99% lab grade shot.


I buy silver shot for glass fuming when available, as it’s much cheaper than buying a bar or coin that I have to break down anyways.


It’s been quite a few years since I’ve made BHO but from what I’m seeing and what you have said it is quite possible that that’s just the color you will get. What I mean is when your BHO is still full of gas bubbles, even if it is extremely dark when it settles down it will look golden until then.


Damn straight!

@ShadowtegaN1 / @Smokeyjoe2023 : Although your extract likely saw temps that were high enough to cause some darkening, open blasting simply doesn’t allow you to control your solvent or biomass temps, or your residence time (time the weed is “residing” in solvent), so you’re essentially never going to get extracts like you see on Instagram.

nor does it allow things like dewaxing or CRC, which most of the extracts you’re comparing yours to have been subjected to.

When we bring in biomass from new farms, we do micro extractions (20-30g), and send those out for pesticide testing.

They almost always look worse that what you made…primarily because they are done with rm temp solvent on rm temp biomass.

See eg: Acetone Micro Extraction R&D

If you want high quantity extracts at home, I suggest squish, if you want to pursue BHO, loose the glass tube and get thee a closed loop.

Start with a history lesson: The History of the Terpenator According to Gospel so you know who’s shoulders you are perched upon.

My bho has turned into crumble looks very good but I’m 100% certain it’s still full of butane

I have been vac pumping the oil at room temperature for around 3 days my heat mat arrived today I set it to 40c and placed my chamber on top the oil did not liquify instead just turned to a crumble when I’m pumping the vac to -28hg it’s not blowing up just staying the same shape etc

If anybody has any techniques for me that would be grateful I have these at my disposal

Vac chamber
Vac pump
42c heat mat
Blasting tube filters etc

Here’s the method I used if anybody could tell me where I went wrong would be highly appreciated thanks
I blasted into a baller jar and let the tane evaporate outside on its own I then whipped it up for 2 days while in the baller jar after 2 days I removed and placed into vac chamber I pumped to -28hg and released at room temperature for 3 days the oil where rising and going like a muffin shape but still sparks like mad when I put a flame to it.
My heat mat arrived this morning and I set it to 42c and placed my chamber on top of it my oil turned to a crumble type of texture the oil is now doing nothing at all inside the chamber just keeping its shape and form even on a 42c heat mat

Also if Could anybody give me a better method thanks

How so?