Degum and scrub first pass distillate


I have 650 ml of distillate run once through short path. I want to degum -> winterize -> dry (hot) scrub with t-41 and/or hardwood charcoal.



Before the first pass using 200 proof ethanol, i winterized, then wet scrubbed with hardwood charcoal then dry scrubbed with t-41

Stop me if i go astray. I have the degumming enzyme from carbon chemistry. Im going to use a seperatory funnel to mix a 1:1 heptane : distillate solution and then wash it with a low pH brine over and over again until its clean.

What is the best way to lower the pH here? Does it change the ph of my heptane/distillate solution and if so how do I change it back before i rotovap it down?

Then I will winterize. Can i use less of a carrier for this second pass winterization? Because there will be less wax to remove? I used 10:1 for the first pass winterization and scrubbing. Maybe this is not necessary i just figure why not to just to see what happens. Also i did the first winterization in the deep freezer at maybe -10F. Im thinking of doing it this time with dry ice to go down to at least -50F

Is 200 proof ethanol the best thing to use for this (winterization, charcoal scrub, bleaching)? I also have 200 proof denatured with heptane and i also have 99.5% heptane

What carrier solvent is best to use for the hot scrub/wet scrub? What is the best ratio of solvent to use? Does the ratio for solvent for carbon/clay scrubbing change from first pass to second pass? Is there a reason to use more carrier solvent? It just takes longer to recover and im trying to cut all my corners where its prudent.


200 proof is not a good solvent for winterizing compared to 190 or even isopropyl


I have 99.9% iso. Is 95% iso better?

I didnt know 200 proof wasnt optimal. Why not?

I do know when i used to make amber glass it would always come out a lighter color if I used 151 to winterize instead of 190. The 190 would cook off much faster and i assumed the extra water in the 151 would be like a buffer and make it less caustic possibly? I dont really know the science behind it


More crap will crash out of the solution with the added water


And ISO 190 proof is better than ISO 200 proof? i will add distilled water to my 200 proof iso to make it 190? Will that water freeze in winterization? Does that change how I recover in the solvent in the evaporator?


Is ethanol optimal for the charcoal scrub and/or clay bleaching? Does it change if you scrub wet or dry?
Is 200 proof or 190 better for this? Sorry for all the newb questions.


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