Decarbing Diamonds

hey there everyone, im doing some decarb tests on some diamonds. i was curious if people are pulverizing there diamonds before putting them into the vessel? and how long does it typically take for them to melt down into a liquid and start boiling? i have about 90g in a sealed mason jar at 221 in a vac oven with individually heated shelves (no vac pulled). the live i have in there is bubbling away while the diamonds (sandy but not powder) are starting to look wet and pack down but no melting yet…

See: So I made a thing to decarb with.... - #139 by Dannywarbucks

And that sealed mason jar is not a brilliant idea…maybe start at post one instead: So I made a thing to decarb with....

We have 75 psi PRV’s on our decarb reactors, and those go off repeatedly during the decarb process… see: Math help? How much pressure of x amount of co2 in y volume? to understand WHY.


yep. although the goal is to not have to. why grow them bigger than you need?!?

nope…Boiling Point of THC is above 400C at atmosphere…

so tell us what you’re ACTUALLY seeing

Edit: … while on the subject of “C’ing” I recommend you put units on your temps. preferably “C”.


If it’s super pure, you won’t see THCA start to melt until about 131C. I recommend decarbing under vacuum because at this temp, oxidation happens readily.


We certainly get to liquid eventually at 100C on the heater driving our decarb reactors. Takes forever though…

And yeah, hotter goes faster, but degradation is more pronounced at higher temps.


150c with mild vac for 3 to 3.5hrs, stir every 30

I find that the less terps in the thca isolate the better the decarb goes


yes im a little worried about the jars as well but we are only doing some testing on the jars because we have a contract to do some for another company and there procedures specify jars so me have to follow that. i made a pressure vessel as well with the prv and nitrogen ports and all the goods haha

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Just don’t tighten the lids. Lids GENERALLY go first, but jars will go every now and then.

Pressure vessel allows you to pull vac before you start. Also let’s you know when you’re starting and ending decarb. At least if you’re decarbing clean THCA. If you’ve got terps in there too it’s a slightly different game.


sorry wrong term i know its not boiling i mean the co2 off gassing, the 221 was in “F” but i only said that because i figured most of you all are in the states, we are in canada haha

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Already blown up a few in my face, damn I loved that NorthFace.

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220f in a vac oven for 20 hours. Turn off heat and let cool to room temp before releasing vac


Cyclopath coming in clutch with safety and units, the two things scientists have to deal with most.


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What are the latest updates? are you now finding success?

Are you doing this in an oven or a reactor?

A reactor will work but vac oven is what I used

My favorite go to was always a reactor. I could even put a rosin bag off the spout and filter the thc with argon as it came out.


This is the way.

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Bbq status…if your low and slow enough you can absolutely keep the lid on tight (better imo)

We are DE- carboxyl-ating

Thc-A… a beta ketoacid …when heated releases CO2 or potentially a BUTT ton of pressure build up and can explode in a sealed container.

As some users mentioned you can heat under vac and get her to boil off at lower temps. Go till almost no bubbles or very few form. The best way to tell if it’s done is take a tiny peice out and heat it…

If it bubbles up you know it needs to go longer. It may appear to be done…looking like distillate but if it still bubbles a lot when you heat it…it will resolidify / re nucleate or sugar back up.

Just heat it longer…LOW & SLOW is the best and you can do it with a double boiler and vac.

Made a video few years back doing the exact process.

My Instagram page :

Hope it helps someone out there. I’m grateful I found some much better thca diamonds. (Non CRC these days)


Has anyone thought about the catalytic effects of H2O, MeOH or EtOH on the decarb rxn? I.e., much lower temp.