Decarbing CBD......crude?

This is my first post, I apologize if it is not in the correct category.

My question is regarding decarbing CBD. I am finding a lot of information regarding decarbing flower, I’m wondering about methods of decarbing crude. (Reactor…or even using a heated water bath?) what methods are currently being used?

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Should get you started.

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Try Search results for 'Decarb' - Future4200


If I had found any information that pertained to my question I would not have posted it.

I use a hot plate and magnetic stirrer. I put the crude in a borosillicate beaker and set the hotplate to 90 C. Turn the spinbar on and adjust the speed as the bubbles start to form. You want to let the crude get to your desired decarb temp and it takes about 2 or 3 hours to fully decarb. I do it at 90 C because I also purge the solvents at this step and 90 C is a temp i found good to achieve this. I usually have about 1% degradation to some other cannabinoid CBC mostly. Let it all cook until no more bubbles form and you can always kick up the temp by a degree or two and turn the stir bar up to make sure you fully de-carbed. If your worried about degradation do this process at a little lower temp and under vacuum.

Edit: Only de-carb a maximum of half of your total vessels volume (2500 ml crude in a 5000 ml vessel) That shit will expand trust me…


And there’s a whole lot more if you use the search and have some time and patience. I say this only partially to be snarky, but to point out that this forum is a tremendous resource and not “bulkshit.” There is a massive amount of valuable information gleaned by many years and dollars spent by a number of heavy contributors such as mr @cyclopath above. When contributors have discussed these topics at length already then someone comes in asking for that info again, essentially demanding an SOP, it’s easy to not have much patience at the ready for that individual. There is not another source of open-sourced cannabis industry info even remotely close in content to this forum. So appreciate what you have, pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on some comfy pants, and dig in.


Forgive me, but respectfully this is a peer pressure moment.

Folks here will help you or you can bite the hand that helps. Please respect that other human beings are on the other end of your posts. We all know what frustration is but for goodness sake go outside and kick a policeman in the shins if you need to vent, eh? Folks here then who do want to help you figure this out will be on your side generally, me included. Not that I hate Leo but I do know that Leo has picked sides in this industry and so have I. I assume you have too in the matter.

We are on the same side here and I would ask you respect my comrades who genuinely want to assist and ask nothing in return. :slightly_smiling_face:



About the research value of this site I am certain without a doubt that if I had the information available here now four years ago when I was trying to sift the net for anythjng at all that my savings would have been five figures. I could outift myself now with certain knowledge of success and know precisely what is needed and how to make it work JUST with the information on this site alone that is free of charge.

It doesn’t seem like it could add up to all that until I start adding up the little odds and ends and broken shit and burned up extract and such. Four years ago it was all seat of the pants with really only one youtube source that even showed distillate let alone DCVC, LLE, or any other of a huge assortment now by comparison of techniques proven to work. That sole source did not reveal numbers though. Now there are numbers and raw data to build on and they can be found on this site.

@Future, @Sidco_Cat, et al, built up with astonising speed a niche of highly specialized information and presented it in open source format allowing also for a premium membership with augmented farmers co-op type features for the serious users needing commercial support. That is a pretty big deal if their idea results in that kind of savings for the serious user of the site imo. :nerd_face:


Try this one. I typo’ed

When you’ve read those, and seen nothing relevant, answer the following if you still wanna play.

Where are you getting your crude (extraction methodology)?

Where are you going with it?

How much you got?

I too am curious about this. I’ve searched everything on the site and was just wondering if anybody had any actual data re: CBD decarboxylation. Is it that different from the temperatures of THC? I notice there is a lot of anecdotal info on the web, citing the higher boiling point of cbd vs thc, but are they even correlated?

For instance, in the comment thread of this article:

Does anybody have any data to verify this?

Edit: This is for an ethanol extraction of bucked cbd flower done at freezer temps, filtered through 25 microns, then roto’d and purging/decarbing on the CAT MCS 78. RSO is the goal here.

You can decarb CBDA in roughly the same conditions as THCA. Last I checked the temperature recommended was just a few degrees higher, but otherwise the process is basically the same.