Thin Film MS distillate machine parameters

I am using a Thin Film Molecular separator. I’m only a little over a year into extraction and I am doing my best to learn and self teach as I go. I use a short path for terpine strip and decarb all my oil before it goes into the thin film. I am only achieving low 80s for my THC %. Does anyone have any suggested parameters to run this machine at to achieve higher potency. Im running my feed speed first pass 225 and second pass 125 with my evaporator at 151.2 and 141.2 degrees C, and my residue at 90 C. I pull a vaccum of 3.8 -4 Torr that usually jumps into the 5.4-7.8 -4 range. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

have you requested chromatograms?

Isomerization and/or degradation of your cannabinoids can be one reason for low potency distillate. there are several threads on the topic.

my first SPD run turned 70% THC into 30% THC :frowning: due to an abused vacuum pump & the resulting high boiling temps.

thin film vs wiped film?!? Whose equipment are you using?

Have actually watched that video, will talk to my Boss about getting a chromatograph. I Use a KDL Thin film molecular separator. At first we had a theory that we were converting into delta 10THC witch doesn’t show up on testing results in Colorado. But again we are not sure. Thank you for your suggestion!

You should be able to request pictures from your current 3rd party lab. they won’t tell you what the mystery peaks are, but they will at least let you know if there are any.

In house analytics are extremely helpful for figuring things out. I’ve started a thread on the subject, but it’s only a couple of hrs old at the moment.

what feed temp are you running at?

We’ve tried 90-110 degrees C

That seems like way too high of a first pass temperature. Isomerization is probably not very likely given the short residence time in the evaporator however. Just my two cents.

Vac level during first pass?

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