Decarb for carts question

So I’ve had some cart material decarbing in the oven for 10 or so days. Started at 160F and even after 5-6 days it wasn’t doing much so I bumped up to 185. Left lids on because I’ve read you can decarb under pressure with no effect but the jars still foam when cracked. Tried filling at a lower temp in case it was still just slightly decarbing but when I fill carts they are literally boiling over.

Any solution for this? Have even tried 200f capped for a week and still encountered similar issues

Decarb with terps in solution sucks lol


At my previous lab we used a centrifuge, decarbed only thca and they would still just crash or foam

Also how are these dang rosin guys pulling it off without mechanical seperation

I do tend to agree though I did an experiment the other day where I took my waterclear volatile fraction that I make from fresh frozen and I brought it up to decarb temps in a sealed vessel and held it there for an extended period of time to simulate a decarboxylation with nothing present except my volatiles and to my surprise, after letting it cool back down to room temperature before opening and giving them a smell they were pretty much unchanged. Still smelled extremely dank and no boofy smell at all. Just prevent them from evaping away and terps on their own we’re much more stable than I expected. Also saw no color change in the volitiles fraction at all. Stayed water clear with no yellow even after hours over 130 c :man_shrugging:
I still much prefer to baby my terps and keep the high temps for the thca but it definely has me questioning a few things I thought I knew.


Your temperature units are confusing. Surely you don’t mean you actually tried to decarb at 160-180°C?

I’ve never had an issue decarbing isolate at 250°F and can usually complete the process with proper agitation in approximately 4 hrs once the material has melted. You just have to wait until bubbles stop evolving from the solution.

My problem tends to come from the thca that remains in my sauce. Go cold enough to not decarboxylate the sauce and I can barely shoot em because the viscosity is so high. Go hot enough to shoot them and I appear to get a small amount of decarboxylation. It’s important to mention though I’m using a small percentage of sauce in 97%+ pure thc.

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Probably terps offgassing vs decarbing during filling. Especially if the symptom you are seeing is bubbles


You try that with hte and you’ll have weed flavored popcorn vapes


I can’t imagine what terps are off gassing at 180°F that won’t off gas at 160°F when the lowest boiling point terpene comes in at 350°F +/- 10°F. I guess from pumping it into the carts there might be enough kinetic energy to increase the temperature sufficiently, but I’d be just as likely to believe that added kinetic energy would promote decarboxylation of any remaining thca in solution.

So far my solution has been an ‘annealing’ process of sorts, warm the whole tray lightly and let it cool over several hours, but I’d rather prevent it from the gate. I’m starting to think my HTE still just isn’t quite pure enough. Definitely open to suggestions though.

My brother in cannabis, it isn’t terps that you are losing

What’s what I’m saying. What is going on? Because I agree decarb HTE is shit. What is going to shit during the decarb though? I thought it was terps. Now I’m not so sure.

Are we discussing thiols now? Or maybe esters?

Decarbing HTE under inert pressure definitely works. Had a client that preferred them over centrifuged terps, one of their biggest selling products is their HTE carts :person_shrugging: flavor was the same to everyone who tried them. I’ve posted the tek tons of times. Not sure what’s temps you guys are trying and for how long, but it sounds like too hot and too long to me and maybe lacking an inert gas.


That’s entrained CO2. Your resin is basically carbonated like a carbonated beverage. You have to get that out before attempting to fill.


Yeh, this. I just lightly stir it off on light heat, like 90f, maybe 100f.


Yup, its trapped co2, u can throw it into a centrifuge and it helps get the bubbles to escape, or throw a prv on ur jar and a magstir pill in there and mix it for a day letting the co2 offgas, i went the extra mile and put argon in the jar too, my thought process was that the argon would help the co2 atleast get pushed to the lid while letting the argon blanket the terps.
Quick google search actually shows that the argon might be working against u, co2 is heavier than argon, who would have thought :man_shrugging:
I guess just the magstir and prv worked enough that the argon was redundant


Maybe try mix with a solvent to release co2 then rotovap or spd to remove solvent?

I saw a while ago otscc posted on IG about decarbing their diamonds and terps together at 170°f for about 8 days in a sealed vessel (for me a mason jar with multiple lids… I tried it with some fresh frozen and it barely tasted any different from the same run I did where I separated them and reintroduced the terps after decarb. But with 1/10 of the labor. And still had an outrageous terp %. I’ll see if I can dig up the coa showing the separated and non separated batches. Photos were from the thca and terps decarbed together. And everyone that tried them said it was the best tasting cart they had tried


Yeah, fuge is a waste of time imo, regarding HTE carts. And for the record that’s the exact temp I posted for my tek, 2 degrees less and mine called for 24 hours, not 8 days. But I assume the 8 days is to fully dissolve the diamonds. Most of the time I was using nucleated HTE (fine sugar at the bottom, fat terp layer on top) at 172f for 24hrs (set oven to 1440hr timer) the entire solution clarifies and doesn’t recrash, and tastes like a dab.

(I said 165f here but I’ve since adjusted the SOP ever so slightly)

COAs from your test would be nice though, I don’t have access to mine anymore :pensive: @Gumby humor me and try 24hr for a batch? Curious about the terps profiles and decarb rates at 24hr and 8 days, and in between if you’ve tried.


Depends what pressure you carbonated to…which depends on your choice of vessel and prv (or lid strength).

With 75PSI prvs on our decarb vessels we then have to do a short “de-gas” in the vac oven. Doesn’t take long. Haven’t yet quantified what we loose in the way of terps.