Conversion production method of cbd/thc

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Got a question…

I got material that is basically 1:1

If i extract this to material that can be done as a reaction and lets say add 5% AC or an acid will I get full conversion to d8/d9 mix?

Is the issue because ideal choice for reaction to d8/d9 is cbd isolate, I guess i will have issue seperating d9 distillate and cbd distillate/isolate…

Do you guys think a d8/d9 mix from cbd/thc disty 95%+ is possible? Than seperate the d9/d8 via distillation…

Whats my best options with this material if d8/d9 is end goal?

Help! Got fucked with bad genetics…


I assume you mean it’s a 1:1 cbd:d9 right?

If so a 1:1 d9:d8 might be possible.

Consider this, the same conditions that turn cbd to d9 can turn d9 to d8.

It’s likely what will happen is you’ll convert the cbd to d9 while also converting the d9 to d8.

Also I’m not sure about separating d9 and d8 via distillation, @Roguelab has said this is possible but not sure how difficult it would be for you.

Yes its 1:1 cbd and d9***

Why do you say it would be difficult isnt it a 12C difference on boiling points?

It s a 12C diffrance and works wel if the azeotrope of Cbd=thcD9 is not in the mix
Sospliting Cbd from D8is easy with no D9 around


Ah I see I thought you had a 1:1 cbd:d9 and were wanting to convert it to a 1:1 d9:d8 then separate that after.

Like rouge mentioned separating a 1:1 cbd:d8 should be easier.

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Is it still possible when d9 is present?

Sorry it was an error.

Its actually 1:1 cbd:d9 starting material!

Not possible you might be able to make a slightly more and slightly les cbd fraction
I a mid mains swap but the diffrance won t be a lot 10% more from one or the other

I see sir. Do you think a d8/d9 1:1 distillate will be easy to get from 95%+ distillate that is 1:1 cbd/d9 like IsoChamber implied

If your just planning on using 5% AC on your 1:1 cbd:d9 it will likely make it almost all d8 with maybe a little d9.

An acid could work to go for 1:1 d9:d8 if you did it anhydrous and under inert atmosphere.

It’s going to be tricky though with a 1:1 cbd:d9 distillate as starting material. You’d probably need to keep taking samples with in-house testing to know when you hit the ratio you want.

Maybe try this sop I posted a while back, just run it for half the time and you’d have a good chance of hitting 1:1 d9:d8 since your staring out with a 1:1 cbd:d9

the real reason I post all of these reference is so I can have this one true memory of the hive

its all in the papers/pdfs



Good point. Thanks for your support!

What is your take on this conversion?

read the pdf’s in the isomerisation cbd to d8 an d9 thread.

it would take ages to type a fraction of whats in them.


some very good advice I can give though is do the reactions small and do as many of them as you can.

don’t trust what other people tell you don’t trust the journal do science man test that shit know the
truth step and bat


Nice! Thanks

You will not achieve 95% D8+D9 unless the distillate is at least 95% THC(s)+CBD to start… and you have zero yield loss to byproducts. That should be obvious. The maximum you can get out is what you put in.

I haven’t seen separation of any THC (D8 or D9) from CBD by distillation, except the different ratios of them in the beginning versus the end. Essentially, CBD distills slightly faster than THC because of CBD’s lower viscosity than THC, so the first bit will have higher CBD in ratio to the THC, until the ratio of THC in the distilland exceeds the point where that can occur. If the CBD starts at a low percentage, then perhaps only first few milliliters would have higher CBD… but it’s always a mixed distillate from a mixed distilland, unless you do something to rectify the vapor phase better than a normal short path. Under normal circumstances, the boiling points of two compounds at the given pressure in a distillation must differ by at least 20°C, and they must exhibit zero azeotropic behavior with one another to achieve good separation.