CONTEST: Post Processing Clear Tech Hydrocarbon Contest Prizes to the winner!


Ok so i got the Ok from @future to do this. He also said he has some stuff to give away too. Maybe @Shadownaught wants to get in on the action as well… If not. This isnt much but lets have some fun. On my side, THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE 500G OF EACH T5, SILICA GEL 60 AND CELITE 545. - by most company standards this is over a $200 prize value.

Mod Edit: Future here, I have 4 x 2kg bags of T5 to contribute to the prizes.


As we know, we can all take old trim and manhandled material to clear with these simple powders. Lets see how we as a community can take already processed black oil and re-process it threw these powders and make a clear extract again.

I really dont know how this will work…But the basic rules are you need to show off your black oil timestamped somehow…then your system for clearing up the oil with some sort of procedure, and the finished product… I think we should all vote on the winner. no one should be able to vote for themselves. I think the procedure needs to be verified by the community somehow. Im really bad at making rules cause i dont follow many.

If you have some suggestions on how to run this…feel free to speak up. I sure we can clean up the thread later and make it where we all share. Looking for your opinions. This is meant for fun and so we can figure out more things the powders do.

And the ethanol people…im not gonna forget about you…once you all dial in the tech in that thread…We can hold a similar contest and the reason im only offering up 500g of each powder…I plan to do this for the alcohol people too.

Thanks again for having me a part of your community. The Carbon Chemistry thing has been going well over here. Felt i could give back a little and have some fun.


Indofabs C.R.C & BHO Color Remediation Tek.

Before, was black dark dark red couldn’t see through…was NOT a warm run

After ,going for diamonds

A lil i stole before jarring… Gets really light yellow

O this isn’t clear I know but best I could do w my 2nd try on powders*



Are those the only powders we can use… And do we only use powders to remediate the oil… Not distillation… Just trying to clarify



If we can use other stuff as well someone hand me some warm ethanol wash and I’ll show you how it’s done LOL



No if it were distillation you would win hands down bro. Butane/propane only. Use any powders you please…not limited to any. As the celite 545 is from proof33. Just meant for a bit of fun as we already done this during the extraction… Lets see if we can nail if post extraction.

Will will hold one for the alcohol guys too.



So i cant use heptane?



Lol you took the words right out of my mouth, i was thinking warm extracted alcohol crude too hahahaha nothing worse then that for color



It’s pretty easy even if you’re only solvent is ethanol… It’s just a few tricks to it

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Liquid liquid is fun



To what product though…distillate? Or can you then take that warm ethanol to ethanol diamonds??? or shatter? If so we can start this contest today if enough members here can do the tech other than the 2 consultants.



Hmm you can probably go to diamonds but i was going for just a clean oil



You can make diamonds out of ethanol crude if you dont decarb before liquid liquid.



Then Ill start one tonight for you alcohol guys…ill add a bit more to the incentive list and lets get both of these started then. I just been watching the ethanol guys having trouble repeating the same tech as the hydrocarbon guys, but if you guys wanna show everyone the way… Ill donate for them.



I’d be happy to offer up a 2,500 mg CBD tincture and a 500mg icy hot lotion to the winner as well!



I’m still curious if I can use heptane for the remediation’s



Which contest do I compete in if I’d like to do an ethanol extraction and follow it with a butane crc?



Im pretty sure you can, just cant distill

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:+1: Good thing I’ve already been working on this anyway… LOL



Same, i actually just did this last week. Only difference is i made distillate instead of crystallizing

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Gotta get all technical huh? Id imagine since this is considered a hydrocarbon…it should be allowed…but some how i feel you genius self is bending the rules in your favor. Id like to see if remedied in butane or propane… BUT lets get the communities opinion?.

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