Clones / snips for sale (HLVD tested)

Hello future4200! I have been reading this forum for a few years now and I have also built up a nice collection of genetics in my time growing. I would like to share my collection because there seems to be a desire for quality genetics here. I personally prefer the classics (OG, Chem, Haze) but I keep a healthy selection of modern varieties too.

Everything has tested negative with Tumi Genomics for HLVD (root tissue) at least once. Most have tested negative multiple times now. I enjoy answering questions in detail about genetics so feel free to ask me anything that comes to mind.

You can choose from 3 snips or 1 rooted clone for 100 including usps express. I prefer cashapp but other payment methods are available if needed. Everything is subject to availability, so just ask and I’d be happy to let you know when a variety could be available as snips or as a rooted clone.

Thanks for reading and I hope to add something new to your garden soon. My full mother list is below:

Double OG Chem (“5-17 cut”)
King Louie XIII
Mystery OG (I’ve held this for years, high potency, floral/soapy OG)
Underdog OG (aka Loompa’s Headband)

Chemdog 91 (skva)
Chemdog D (2000 original, variegated)
Dirty Taxi (“woodstock cut”, 9-10 weeks, loud garlic gas, big stretch, big yield)
GG4 (josey wales)
GMO (skunkmasterflex)
Maui Skunkdog
Sour Diesel (albany)

Blue Dream (santa cruz)
Haley’s Comet (piff bagseed, 2021 piffcon winner)
Super Lemon Haze (franco’s cut, pcg)

Apple Fritter (lumpy’s)
Bob Hope (pcg)
Cheetah Piss (cookies)
Georgia Pie (cookies)
Glitterbomb (cltvtd)
Governmint Oasis (pcg)
Hellcat (offensive selections)
Kush Crasher (phinest)
Pinnacle (pcg)
Pink Lady (offensive selections)
Superboof (mobilejay)
Tropicana Cherry (relentless)

In testing:
Apples and Bananas (cltvtd)
Astronaut Status 24 (clearwater)
Black Velvet (clearwater)

In quarantine:
Blue Zushi (tenco)
LA Kush Cake (seedjunky)
Skywalker OG


Of course I have to kick things off with a giveaway! The first person to reply to this post and claim this Apple Fritter clone will get it for free (including shipping).


I’ll take the plunge


I will get her out tomorrow for you. Sending dm now!


Do you have any pics of the Albany cut in week 10-12 flower

I like how you have the list sorted too. OG Gas, Chem Gas, Haze, Fruity/New shit


Honestly I’m bad about remembering taking pictures. That is something I’m trying to work on this year though! I have pics of maybe half these strains. I don’t have any pics of the Albany cut but I can link you to an icmag thread with tons of pics of the exact same cut. I have run the Albany three times now, taken her from 9 to 11 weeks. I think 10 weeks is the sweet spot. This cut is pretty finicky, I have two plants drying now (taken at 9 weeks) that aren’t bad but aren’t as stinky as my last two runs. I don’t think running sour alongside the fruity/new shit allows you to do just to the sour. She’s like goldilocks, needs it just right. The new stuff likes to be pushed as hard as you’re able to push them in my experience.

Im extremely hesitant to buy without you having your own work to show off, anybody can link a good picture from the internet, but I’d need to see what the actual cut im buying looks like

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I can understand and appreciate that. I am buying a mirrorless camera soon to improve my documentation efforts. Best of luck with your future clone sales.

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Hell yeah! I think you’re already on the right track with securing quality genetics and getting proper testing done, once you can show off the actual goods I think you will be in a great place to succeed :+1:


I’ll post a few of the pictures that I do have! Cheap phones are great for being small in my pocket but not so good at taking quality images.

Trop Cherry


Chem D


Received this as pictured in good condition. Would recommend


Made some minor edits to the list, I had forgotten a strain or two. Also added the quarantine section because those things aren’t actually available until they complete my process. The current stuff in quarantine is from the most legit dude I know so I have no doubts but I still follow the process. Moved Bob Hope out of the haze section because even though she grows just like her momma in veg, I’m gonna keep it to true classics only up top.

I will do another giveaway next week, I should have an extra rooted clone available for that. Thank you to @Cascade_hemp for giving me a shot! I also appreciate the folks who have reached out with questions.

More pictures because you guys like those!

Stardawg (corey)

I dropped her when I really needed space because I know a bunch of people with her. Amazing plant. A little too Chem 4 heavy for me but I still really like it.

Sour Diesel (albany)


@Tom, you still looking?

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Shhh, I’m going to pm Tom this weekend and offer him a freebie :smile:


Says the guy starting a clone company with zero grow pictures in the forum

Stick to patent trolling, it could pay for some ozempic.


im a civilian now

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Another giveaway! First to reply to this topic claiming it gets it for free. Shipping 2/20 after the holiday on 2/19.

Sour Diesel (albany)


First. That looks great! Thanks so much for doing a giveaway.


Very quick with it! Sending dm now, thanks for your interest.


I wouldn’t mind grabbing a cut or two of the sour d if you have more. More than happy to pay, shoot me a DM