Claim/Misc Clean-Up

Today I am going to clean-up two jars. They contain: Claim, Nugs fallen on the floor during column packing, random parchment finds, base cleanings affter butane extractions and flask cleanings after RSO and EHO distillations.

They are dark and are plentiful in lipids DSC_0774

They’ve been in my freezer for far more than 3 days. So I will first start with filtering with postive pressure at 20 PSI using my diaphragm pump with a 5 micron filter on the vacuum side in hopes of getting less air contamination (water content from the air to hit alcohol)

I will be filtering first thru 5 microns. Using my cls base and a 2×18 column with a 2" 150 micron screen reduced to a 1×6 column that goes to a 5 micron screen that gets shot into my base via stainless braided hose via positive pressure.

After pouring into column(s)

gunk left behind in the jars.

5Micron Filtration

Then after this winterization I will perform a Activated Charcoal Scrub and filter on top of D.E. .

Will Keep Updating as I go along


really cool man, interested in seeing how this turns out!

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Thank You :grinning:

Now time for the charcoal and d.e. . i washed the mixture with 2 tablespoons of a.c.stirred with a stainless steel spoon for a timed four minutes and I have d.e. inside a 1×2 column (glacier tanks) on top of a 5 micron screen and the a.c. infused mixture is on top of 5 microns.


Its takng forever, I wish I had a nitrogen set-up.

Here’s where I’m at

It got done filtering @ 3am just woke up

Here’s the filtered mixture in the rotovap.

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dcvc time !

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Looks a little orange mostly an overtone of red and amber.

I gotta purge it now.

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i wonder how the color would turn out if you ran it through some powders :sunglasses:

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I’m currently low on cash it else I would invest in a crc and a few more filters plus a nitrogen setup, oh and powders. This is it currently , after some of the bubbles popped.

looks better than some of the shit i see people dabbing in non legal areas. How’s the smell on it?

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Thank You so much. It’s been a bitch but I love adding value to the community.

Currently it smells kinda like alcohol haven’t gotten a good gauge on it. I took a test dab cause it’s made with alcohol so… It doesn’t taste bad at all. I. Waiting for it to be all the way done for a final test. I’m gonna give this 6 days at 86.6°F under a 29.8Hg vacuum. With a flip every 6 hours.

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Damn now I really wanna invest in a nitrogen setup, a CRC and powders… And a gas mask

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it didn’t remediate the taste or smell. you can tell it’s a mix of a bunch of shit but there’s a sweet taste that sorta takes over everything it’s nice very mellow high rn. Now, I truly wonder what it would be like to use different filter media.

At least it’s detoxed by using activated charcoal, so there is that. If you’re gonna smoke a resin that’s been harvested by a glass water pipe that a bunch of peoples mouths have been on. You should probably detox it.

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Well, now have old man shoe terpahol anyone want it 15$ free shipping😂

I wonder if I saved a gallon if claim and did the same thing would someone on the east coast attempt to turn the crude into disty?


Got any heptane? Would love to see just how much color could be stripped from reclaim since so much degradation has already occurred.

No, my little lab cant handle the presence of Hexane, Heptane and Pentane. No fume hoods or explosion proof fans

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