Chiller solution


I only plan on using wf and if we have to do two then it is what it is. Any idea on temps for the wf


Idk, your main wiper body is longer. I would start running the macnine, slowly introduce feed, and turn up the heat till you see what you like. Then start messing with the condenser temp, when you get a good result that’s your setting. That will get you going, then you can use potency tests to really dial in your machine. Have you run a short path before? It’s a good way to develop the basics.


That was the plan, and no I haven’t ran a short path before. I’m in uncharted territory forsure.


Might want to pick a cheap one and play with it.


Might be to late for that…


Why not take a class?


I’m waiting for future to do the one in Oregon and I’m the first in line lol. But was looking for info on wf


vacuum is key, i recommend getting a vacuum gauge like @beaker has where it graphs the pressure over time. this little display makes it so much easier to understand whats happening. then u can go slow but also know when ur going too slow and really get a feel for it


That’s a great idea. What’s the cost you think in that


well if ur at all good with computers there are handheld vacuum gauges that put out a data signal too so you can just hook it up to an arduino or other computer interface and graph it urself, its not that hard to make a graph as long as u have the digital data. if thats not u then i recommend getting to same one @beakers got, he told me he got it on amazon for a very reasonable price. I just went back and checked and he’s is a vacuubrand dcp 3000 but it look like u wont be able to find it for the price he got it for


What’s to hot of a temp and what’s to low of a temp?


5 gallons 285. Younssid 110c isn’t hot enough for my wf system? What temps should I be looking to do


For what part of the system?


The internal and external condenser. Basically! Looking for the fluids now online form chemworld and want to get the one we need.


I have no idea what your system looks like, you keep saying it’s heavily modified. I don’t want to make assumptions. So when I’m asked how hot/cold I think, does he mean cold trap? Perhaps external/internal condenser surface? Feed tank heat? There are a lot of variables out there. I don’t want to give you wrong information. Please make your questions direct and clear.

For example: I was wondering where a good starting point was for my internal condenser surface. Answer: I would start around 50 c.

Or: How hot should my heated circulator be set in order to heat the jacket of the wiper assembly, my pump will achieve xxx torr.


Soooooooo your rite there are to many variables and I’m a lost gazelle in the lions den!


I’m reaching .1 torr when tested in Asia. I’m almost done plumbing the system.


Test it when your done plumbing. Get that number plugged into a boiling point nomograph and start there.BPnomogr.pdf (52.7 KB)


Yes, I am saying that 110C will be insufficient for at least one of your WFE heating units.

My understanding is that folks are using temps as high as 170C on their WFE. I don’t have one yet, but I’m working on it.

I know from direct experience that Beaker uses 135C at 0.75 microns in his sublimator, and don’t imagine the WFE is going to work much below 120C based on that. following the math Soxhlet suggested should give you a more solid answer one way or the other.

If you use the above parameters as a starting point, you need a heating fluid that can handle 200C, and a chilling fluid that can handle -10C.

You’ll also need a cold trap, and I don’t know if you’re cooling that with a -80 chiller, or using dry ice/ alcohol. Either way, you’re unlikely to be circulating that particular bath, so fluid isn’t a real issue (if you’re using a chiller, SOP is Isopropanol).


You got a lot of weaponry for a gazelle…