Chiller solution

Not sure what to use for the chiller. Any one have any ideas what solution to use for my chiller? 30liter also have a whiped film system not sure what to use for those chillers or heaters… need help lol thanks for all the feedback

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What process will it be used for?

The chiller is set up both on our rotary evaporators and also the whiped film system not sure what I need to fill the chillers I herd iso but I’m sure there is something better

How cold does the chiller get?

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You may not be able to use the chiller for both processes at the same time depending on how you plan to run it

-30c it’s get forbthe roto not sure in the whiped film I have t finished assembly. I have two chillers in that system. What would you do??

What wfe are you useing?

It’s my design. I’ll be posting pics end of the week to show everyone it’s very similar to a pope but it’s not a pope lol. We upgraded many thing and it’s a true continuous system


Have you thought about counter flow heat exchangers?


I haven’t…

Whats the brand and model of the chiller?

You could theoretically have the chiller cool the process that is of more importance, then use a counter flow heat exchanger to piggyback off to your other process. You can use a pump to throttle circulation rate through your second system to control temperature.


Not sure I will have to double check when I get back to the fort.

I’ve circulated iso and denatured, both worked well.

How are you keeping atmospheric moisture from forming ice inside the system?

Never had an issue with that.

Really? How low does your chiller go? My -85 c chillers use a nitrogen headspace to keep a positlve pressure. I also dunk a mesh bag full of 3a mol seives every week or so to ensure the fluid is dry. If you run polar solvent as a fluid you need to keep in mind it’s hygroscopic propertys.

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I run denatured in my -80c chiller from Touchscience and haven’t had any issues



At around 80% dilution you’ll form ice.

Can I use that in my whiped film system chillers? Or just for the roto chillers