Chiller solution


And what if I started with 90% ethanol 10% methanol?


You would want it for a cryogenic type chiller as an alternative to a more costly fluid. Make sure your chiller can handle solvents before adding any. For -30 there are less flammable options.


The methyl alcohol would modify freezing point. I couldn’t find any quick charts online. I’ll calculate the theoretical freezing point later when I sit down.


It chills down to -22


That’s a little extreme for -22.


What is a little extreme for -22?


Denatured alcohol, you can run a better fluid.


What do you recommend ?


Dynalene PG


I use a mixture of deionized water and ethylene glycol in my AI C30 Chiller, Polyscience Chiller and AI T40 Cold Trap.

85% Water - 15% Ethylene Glycol freezes at 23F / -5C
75% Water - 25% Ethylene Glycol freezes at 14F / -10C
70% Water - 30% Ethylene Glycol freezes at 5F / -15C
60% Water - 40% Ethylene Glycol freezes at -7.6F / -22C
50% Water - 50% Ethylene Glycol freezes at -27F / -33C
45% Water - 55% Ethylene Glycol freezes at -40F / C


Is it expensive


I found some 100% ethylene glycol on like truegusrd dor 800 bucks for a 55 gallon drum cheapest I could do they have a 50/50 mix what do you think? It was expensive using the company Dynalene


That is an option. Most heat transfer fluid doesn’t corrode your chiller, glycol can. It’s your choice, there are pros and cons to everything. Get a refractometer to mix your glycol correctly. Here are some gifts.


If you decide to go the glycol route, what Soxhlet provided would work fine.


If you are pushing the speed of your rotovap your typical affordable chiller matched for that size is not going to be able to cool much below -5 to maybe -10 deg C. Use as much water as possible in your water/glycol mix and it will actually chill more efficiently.


I’m a little confused still should I have a mix or just straight glycol? I’ve herd a lot of different things to use not sure what’s the best and most economic.

Some one said mix with ethylene glycol and deironized water. I’m lost to be 100


Set your rotovap chiller to -5C. Take 50/50 antifreeze from Walmart and dilute it with an equal volume of water. Now you have a 25% ethylene glycol 75% water mix that wont freeze until -10C. Bada bing bada boom. Done.


@SoStupendous lol are you fucking with me brother??


The stuff used in cars is pretty corrosive, not to mention it forms films in your glassware. It can be used, its just not choice.


I need to fill 120 liters worth in chillers and 20liters in heat circulators. For some reason I’m have issues even tho everyone here has given me there input. And I def appreciate everyone for doing that. But I’m the guy who posted the “thread for dummy’s” yea I’m that idiot. Trying to be very economical freidnly but st the same time not fuck up my equipment.