Chiller solution


Haha no sir. I have an across international chiller that uses this exact formula. :slight_smile:

EDIT: In regards to @soxhlet’s comment, most of the store antifreeze has anti-corrosive components. Maybe they help? Honestly I’m not too worried about it in my chinese chiller that we got on a discount.


Ok ok :ok_hand:.


Smoke em’ if you got em’ I guess. …lol


So obv you helped me serval times I’m just confused now. Do chillers and the heating circulators get the same mix?


It depends on the range.


it can also depend on if you want to mix the fluids. I ran dynalene HC50 in both the heater and chiller circuits on my hydrocarbon rig so I could fully purge a jacketed column, or chill my receiver down. keeping the reservoirs balanced was a learned skill.

Using glycol in your rotovap chiller shouldn’t leave a residue anywhere but the inside of the condenser, and so long as it’s in there and circulating, nobody will notice. It will also add a pretty color. I’m running DI water in mine, but the chiller is underpowered and can’t even hold 2C, so running anti-freeze would be overly optimistic. :smile:


Personally it doesn’t matter mix or noT. I spent tens and tens and tens of thousands in equipment and getting this far. Thermafluids didn’t even cross my mind as now we are 95% assembled. we need to fill the chambers with something. And don’t want to spend “racks” ( is this to ghetto for this site??) for it. At the same time don’t want to cause corrosion in the system.


I second the Dynalene PG for the chillers and suggest following @Soxhlet’s recommendation on syltherm in the heaters.


Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You can always change the fluid and clean it out down the line. The max temp of a glycol water mix is limited by the boiling point of your mixture.


I use a mixture of ehtylene glycol and deonized water. Have since day one. Could be a better option but this is what I have experience with and it works for me. I use pretty close to straight ethylene glycol in my cold trap that gets down to -80, but a 50/50 mix in my other units that range from -20C to 50C. I’ve added a bit of a safe guard for my mixtures as well. I posted a guide earlier in this thread about ethylene glycol mixed with deionized water and it’s freezing points.


Dang -80 that’s cold for glycol! I have had glycol water mixtures freeze up before in a chiller, even streight up automotive antifreeze once. That experience left a bad taste in my mouth for glycol mixes.


What is the safeguard you add?


Best Value Vacs is selling NuTherm PF50 a potassium formate based heat transfer fluid that should have similar characteristics to Dynalene HC50. I’m not sure they are the cheapest place to get it, but they are certainly selling it for less than they are selling Dynalene.

Here’s the BBV link
and here’s the manufacturer


Thank you


You’re welcome.

However, I don’t know that either of your applications warrant a potassium formate based solution. I was adding it for others looking at this thread for chiller fluid suggestions.

It is appropriate for -30C. but that can easily be hit with a Propylene Glycol mix (Dynalene PG), and it’s not clear you need to run your chillers anywhere near that cold.

in a closed system, a Potassium Formate (HC50/PF50) will do ~200C, but in the open circulators you’ve got, it’s only good till 110C which isn’t hot enough for your purposes.

Dynalene’s Silicone based fluid is ~$1k for 5gal, I don’t know how that compares to the other silicone based fluids discussed above. I believe a silicone based fluid is your best bet for your WFE. Remember not to use silicone hoses if you go with a silicone based fluid.


Damn that’s expensive. Those are for the chillers what do I use for the heating circulators the same thing just diffnet mix. I get so confused in this and it’s like the stupidest thing


I figured what I can use in the roto chillers that’s aren’t open bath but for the wf open bath chillers and open bath heating circulators now I’m findiut it it uses something different


I think the reason the glycol water mix seems complicated is because u want the maximum proportion of water to glycol u can get.
I’ve gotten into many arguments even with mechanics about pure water being better coolant for ur car then glycols. and in cali where i live it can be better to run pure water in ur cars radiator then any coolant u can buy cause water has a higher specific heat than glycol. the only reason they add glycol is so ur coolant does not freeze in the cold and to protect the metal of ur coolant system cause pure water can cause corrosion in the long term some people think that the fact that glycol raises the boiling point of water when mixed means the mix is always a better option but while this does play a role it doesn’t overcome the effects of water’s higher specific heat. So when ur car overheats and its hot outside water isnt just the cheapest option its also the best option; cause its not gonna freeze if its hot outside and its only temporary so u dont need to worry about corrosion.
This may seem unrelated but it actually the same problem
specific heat is a weird term that makes more sense to me to call heat inertia cause its a measure of how much energy it takes to raise x grams of a substance x degrees in temperature. this means water is a better heat storage medium which results in it being better suited for heat transfer. the problem comes when u want to use water outside it’s liquid phase lik below 0c or above 100c. this is the reason everyone want to know what temps ur going for and why there isnt just one easy answer. is also why that chart he posted is so awesome, just pick one mix and dont let it go below is freezing point.


Don’t have the temps we will be running just yet. Thr Colum is very long on the wf compared to the other top brands on the market. So it’s going to stay in a lot longer, which I’m thinking is much better if I can pre process correctly and take my time think I’ll run it’s 1x instead of two runs. But I’m still throwing darts until it’s running I guess.


One pass can be diffucuit, do you plan on removing the volitoles before wfe?