Cellular Wafers are the future of drug delivery tech!

Do you have a SOP that you followed? I followed the SOP upthread with terrible results…


Now that I’m not totally inebriated I’ll elaborate. Cellular Secrets originally posted this tech to help people, so I get the secrecy from members wanting the tech for themselves, but I don’t care about all that. I followed post 13. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, I managed to coax the liquid to clarity by being patient. It took me approximately 30 hours to reach the correct separation, but I was busy with other stuff and had plans this weekend, so I placed it on a heating pad at 45c while I was out and not busy with it. When I had a chance again I started up the spraying process, completed it and left it alone again to clarify on a heating pad. The mixture is more forgiving when you keep it in the exact temp ranges stated in post 13, All the information is here. Just read it standing, sitting down, upside down, read it while driving, read it when you poop. My final API solution still isn’t perfect and I have a lot of nuances to figure out, but with time I think my understanding of how this is working will improve. Onset time was insanely fast.


Are you using ethanol infusion to evaporate into the sugar? Or another method? I’ve been toying with the idea of using tapioca maltodextrin mixed with a surfactant like tween 80 but not sure if I wanna use something like that lol


Bro :joy: lol making an ethanol infusion …distillate breaks down into the ethanol making a tincture…then pouring said tincture over sugar and combining well. Let it evaporate and ya got infused sugar…not sure what your confused about? You really love confusing my posts huh?


Not sure you do. It’s not about secrecy. It’s about turning the originally posted word salad into a working SOP.

You got it in one? Congrats!!!

Even with OP in our lab doing the work, we did NOT manage to hit the mark. So he’s coming back to try again.

He has also been working with @MillerliteRN

It would appear progress is being made.

I’m working on @srihugh1’s GC gummy method:Suggested methods for measuring cannabinoids in gummies and other edibles

Looks like I may need to centrifuge to get my ethyl acetate and water to separate

…it also looks like I can dissolve 100% pectin gummies in 25ml hot water, which was unexpected.

Anyone want to take bets on how the THC-O partitions in water/ethyl acetate?!? (Told y’all I ain’t no chemist :shushing_face:)


So this is THC-0 gummie. The THC-O , assuming you mean the acidic anhydride derivative or the phenol/
Should be an ester itself. Looking at your ‘solution of gummy itself” it seem opaque, either a louche ternary, or a micelle of some bio detergent in gummie formula?
So it is difficult to predict due to the unknown structure whether you will get efficient partition of the “complex” into Et-o-Ac .
If you just had THC-O you would “expect” it would not be water soluble at all.??? Saturate the water phase with salt…and let is sit….the problem with the Et-o-Ac partition is that the partitions sets up between Et-o-Ac saturated water and Et-o-Ac saturated with water….both ways you have extremely altered solution.
So to avoid that perhaps you need like pentane or cyclohexane. Put it on a gentle rocking shaker for 24 to48 hrs…see if it will break the (opaqueness) complex.

Is this “wafer’ tech only supposed to work with THC-o?
Is it really wise to be working with THC-o from over state?

2 cents=0. Not betting, but you may have more than a simple partition.


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It is just not clear what you guys are doing.
It is not clear what your “formula” is.
It is not clear what you claim these preparations do.
It is not clear WTF you are talking about.

“The mixture is more forgiving when you keep it in the exact temp ranges stated in post 13, All the information is here. Just read it standing, sitting down, upside down, read it while driving, read it when you poop.”

What the fuck are you trying to say…?
Take this shit to Reddit….do we really need it?


My best guess is D8-THC-O-acetate

See: THC-o Acetate Time! Wtf did my buddy buy?!?!

Nope. I’m guessing it was more about “hemp derived” on the part of the TX based producer.


I thought powers to be announced…the END of THC-o
Last week?..any type.

Is there a difference between having Photon decipher OP formula and having Photon invent something new?

Sure seems like a con-job…getting free consulting.


Indeed. Not my cannabinoids , not my gummies.

Using cannabis derived D9 and pectin over here. Testing what came in the door, because I need that functionality.

Wasn’t expecting pectin to solubilize…only had “gelatin” in “thc-o”.

Dunno. @Photon_noir?

One reason for immediately going to in house potency was OP’s recounting of batches that varied in potency over time. Sometimes weak, sometimes strong. Reads as lack of homogeneity to me…so what does it look like on the GC?

That and our kitchen went in last week…


I’m literally a dude trying to get better pain management for my loved ones, I don’t work in a lab, nor am I trying to explain what the hell this is. Im not chasing the next big thing, I just want my recipes to work better, which they now do. I’ve learnt a lot from @cyclopath and @moronnabis, you dudes have left tons of comments on F4200 that have helped me with further understanding this craft!

All im saying is I kept the mixture warmed to 160f at all times, introduced the ingredients as stated in post 13, and got two distinctive layers, I then syringed them off, and added to a recipe I make regularly. Which ended up working better than usual by a mile.

Leaving the science to the science people here, I’m just popping in to say, my edibles are helping with pain, thanks to the word salad I had for lunch.


Can certainly appreciate that and glad it worked out for you…

But saying:

…seems a bit shilly whether that was your intent or not.

Until someone is able to come up with a repeatable SOP, gets testing, and is able to show in blind fashion that 1mg of these gummies is = to Xmg non “wafer” thc… it’s all hearsay.


Thank you for the clarification. I too am working on cannabinoic acids for analgesia.
I do not know what your pervious formula was or exactly your new formula?
First of all what cannabinoids are you using or which cannabinoid ?
2nd…what is it you refer to as “better than usual by a mile”.
Are you self testing, and you have chronic pain? In general thc is not that analgesic…not compared to THCA and CBDA.
There are many “types” of pain. Do you know the classification of which type you are dealing with.

If your assay of “working better” is just getting high from gummies I am not sure this translates to pain.

Try this, get some pure CBDA…make a solution of it in Everclear alcohol so that one tsp has about 100mg CBDA.
Pour 1 tsp in small glass of water…
Find someone in pain. (We do not know what type of Pain).
If they have the type of pain which is addressable with Cannabinoic acid…it will be gone in about 10 minutes after drinking the water solution. If not it is a different type of pain. How CBDA works is another topic…

But do not confuse these actions with “getting high”=“working better”.


Pectin dissolves and gelatin melts.
There are a few reasons, this is useful science.

One of the pics is just regular candy.
Easy guess.


I didn’t know this so thank you for that crucial bit of information.

My wife suffers with trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, there is no current cure, high flow oxygen tanks larger than she can carry, some psychedelics and certain hardcore pharmaceuticals can help but not without unsustainable side effects, I’m not gonna to go into the journey of how many different treatments I’ve searched for over the years, nothing works, weed just helps ease the shit show a bit.

my procedure for testing was pretty damn rudimentary, she smokes 3-5g of organic indoor at night to keep her sedated like clockwork, yeah she wakes up a lot to smoke bong. While she’s been using the new recipe(very used to using edibles before bed), she’s been smoking a hell of a lot less at night, there’s probably about a gram of two left in the morning.

That being said, the original wafer formula I made was done with BHO that was not decarbed, (untested, our monthly medical bills in Africa are too high for testing every batch, and unlicensed testing is just asking to get flagged) diluted into into a basic 1:1 sugar water syrup.

@raghanded, unhinged sounds like a bold statement, but mind you I was baked as a cheesecake at the time, I was just too pleased to find it incorporating into water without giving me a hard time, and way excited to share my success, so take my enthusiasm as useless uneducated drivel from a baked kitchen goblin, you are 100% right. If we gonna keep it scientifically accurate it’s fully hearsay.


You can make liposomal syrups that have this same effect without going through 30 hours of process. I highly recommend giving that a shot and seeing if it has a similar effect with the same mg thc. There are some basic SOPs here lying around that you can mess with


Considering that the cannabinoic Acids act as NSAIDs, let me modify the statement about THC and CB1 induced analgesia …
THC studies have been shown to reduce pain.
Here we have the question of what “type of pain”.
So let us just say that a combination of THC and CBDA may alleviate “pain” of different sorts…try it , if it works for you… if you are lucky. I don’t want CB1 receptors excepted here as the are involved in modulation of almost everything that goes on CNS one way or another. CBDA may well act as NSAIDs and possible modulator of CB1-CB2 dimer complex, CBD may also provide allosteric modulation of CB1.
Again, just try it…and see if it works for you.


Still no news regarding a decent SOP?


This is aging like a fine wine.