CBG isolate edible?

Hello. I want to start dabbling in making CBG/CBD edibles and CBD/CBG carts small time and eventually make a hemp business. I wanted to know if its possible to put CBG isolate into gummy mixture with small amount of CBD distillate as well. Although I do not know much about CBD distillate, and how to work with CBD distillate as I really don’t know much about CBD distillate, another bit of knowledge I’m trying to learn.

That’s fine.

When making products 9 times out of 10 i dilute the concentrate (either isolate or distillate) with mct about 1:4 so every gram of concentrate use 4ml of MCT. This ensures that the cannabinoids will homogenize better and avoids some “hot spot” issues.

Another tip: when you think your done mixing, mix some more and always go 3%-5% over on the concentrates just to ensure ur always hitting ur mark and not coming in under

When making gummies u may be able to sub out the mct with an ingredient already in your recipe (sunflower lecithin) or something like that

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Short answer, yes.

Have you read through the gummy threads? @MillerliteRN has a nice writeup and the longer one has a ton of other tips sprinkled throughout.

If you have a more specific question off the top of your head, shoot.


I have my gummies I make perfected. Looking to expand to using potassium sorbate along with another fat binder similar to soy lecithin (i use soy lecithin too). I’d just drop the cbg isolate into my batch of cooking gummies?

No dilute the concentrate first for better homogenization

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My recipe for 300 gummies is as

2 boxes of flavored jello(85g per box)
2 packets unflavored gelatin
1 tsp soy lecithin
1/2 teaspoon citric acid
2/3 cup water
1/2 cup corn syrup
8.5+g distillate for 25mg per bear

When i made my first batch uninfused i yielded 300 gummies with this recipe and when I added dist got 30 extra gummies worth leftover. I stated in a fresh comment I want to incorporate potassium sorbate and another binder similar to soy lecithin as I already use soy lecithin as well but the recipe I posted is as is nothing else to it.

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Ok. I’ll start with a small ratio of mct oil. That is with cbg isolate only?

Could I sub mct oil with vegetable glycerin