CBG Distillate - 91% TAC ; CBG Flower

Have 3 kg of CBG distillate available with more on the way soon. Looking to get $1400/kg but negotiable.

White CBG flower also available. This is 2020 season. Looking to clear it out. All big buds machine trimmed. $100/lb 15lbs left.




Still looks better then the local flower near me

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Thank you.

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Is the flower still available?

Yes it is still available. Will have to confirm how many lbs, but should be ~10.

I have one ~850g jar of this CBG disty (pictured). $800 for the jar.

I have 4 units of CBG flower ready to ship. $300 for the 4.

Any cbg flower still available?

I think I might have 2-3 units left.

did you sell the last kilo / 850g of cbg disti? I would buy

I did but we are working on processing more. When do you need it ?

Bump. 2 more jars for sale. $800 a jar.

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I was happy with my CBG purchase from @Fullsailfarm, prompt, polite, product matched COA (the joys of In House analytics)


We have in-house analytics, but we always send out for 3rd party analysis…would most buyers trust an in-house? Inquiring minds want to know

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I’d say depends on the market and of course the buyer’s knowledge/experience.

I’ve been previously employed by someone who did that for years…Not sure if it still flies for them, haven’t seen much of their product around lately.

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Thanks, I need CBGa though

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My in house analysis on the material, matched the coa that was sent WITH the material.


Gotcha. Makes sense.