BHO/PHO vs. Rosin


Anyone check out the Blue River Terps guys? Their solventless tech is awesome, they use a special machine to freeze the trichs and pull them off with static and sound waves. Then they use another metal micro filter to isolate the heads, then they press only that. No water to wash away terps. They claim their fats are as low as hydrocarbon extracts :thinking::thinking::thinking:


okay cool, what category should i use?

@Dabszb247 wants to know how you grow

I wouldn’t mind trying their stuff. But meh. Not a rosin guy. Always chars my nail. Even that “fuck what ya heard” solventlessmind dude. His rosin made my nail so dirty. And for 80g. I jus wanted to see if his talk was hyped up or not


@Dabszn247 you should definitely start with squish.

I’ve seen it done commercially with a hair-straightener.
input was freeze dried bubble hash.

wasn’t economically viable.
but it was done.


Squish all day and night

I only used dry ice extracted kief, then into rosin bags (25iu), pressed on a 20t, 3x5 plates at 220*f for 60 seconds, release, squish quickly again for 30 more seconds


ok so if you are not a professional do not get into bho
you can buy a cage press on ebay for 300 or less and an arbor freight press for 75 bucks and u are on your way!!! bho cost thousands and requires tons of knowledge its illeagle and theres enough idiots fucking it up alredy!!!

get a press and sum ebay rosin hot plates I, a qp of the most fire bud u can find and u be flippin gs for 50 bucks

im not trying to bash or anything there so much bad info on this site alredy its sad you will be way safer smokeing rosin just remember quality in quality out


jw Do u blast with cans and use a vac chamber!! I’m not trying to talk shit at all man I started there but its a different day and age wen I was a kid we didn’t know better now we now you are poisoning yourself man!! you have to use proper solvent and purging at the very least.


You want to point to some please?

I’d say there is waaaay less gobbledygook here than any other site with similar subject matter.

If it’s bad, it needs to go.
If you’re wrong, you need to know.

If you just wave your hands and claim this place is all bullshit, then that will become the user experience.

If you see something you think is incorrect, say so. If you’re not sure, ask.

I can point to gems like this that say you’re exaggerating…


Or start one here it the correct location. Or go use the one I started for you…


thank you bro


yeah I’m fully aware of all that, I just haven’t had the chance to upgrade yet. What’s wrong with a vac chamber? If you can pull a full vac on there, your purging will still happen as it would if it were in an oven. My stuff comes out as top shelf fire. I use puretane exclusively since I use cans.


There’s nothing wrong w vac chamber and proper heating pad w controller…that’s all I have w my cls kit…I’m live,sauce, diamonds based so no need