BHO/PHO vs. Rosin


Yeah high quality personal I think might be better for
My route but do you think growing at least a pound is likely for 6 plants indoor?


Yeah, definitely. Just keep all your variables in check so your plants grow correctly. Typically, the bigger the root zone the larger the yield. Given your vapor pressure decifit, deistance from light, feed schedule and general environment are on point, you can crop some absolute monsters indoors. Just remember the amount of light you have and the strength of its penetration and spread play a large role, along with it’s spectrum.


Buckle up, take the leap…be safe!

Do like most of us, start at the basics… Bubble bags, rosin, alcohol(ever clear) … Unless you have mentor guiding u through some this stuff can be rather dangerous… And a proper cls w all the right gear isn’t necessarily cheap, but for what it does, it ain’t that much

Stay long enough, you’ll have your hands in lil bit of everything


I used a harbor freight 20 ton H-frame. I also upgraded the crappy ads China junk hardware to ALL grade 4 hardware. Every bolt, and nut was changed. I seen what happens when the OEM hardware was used.

Low temp pid plates, I ran their 3x5 and 4x7 plates.

I’ve pressed flower, bubble hash, dry ice keif.

Out of the 16 or so strains I have, only 1 was epic for oil/rosin production. God bud! 3.5g flower in, 1.3g rosin out. Not even my elite darlins net (Dan’s bud pheno), my og gg4 (the legit clone only gg4) couldnt get over 1g rosin per 3.5g flower squished


figured I’d throw my hat in the ring. My vote is to learn how to safely extract with butane, especially if you decide to start growing. My experience as a hobby grower is you have enough top shelf bud to trim up, and an equal amount of lower grade fluffy bud and trim that you can turn into a very good dabbable extract. I turn trim to sugar crystals that blow most of the nug run shatter I see around here out of the water.

I harvest a few plants every 2 weeks. I run 2 600w HPS lights for flower, and a 200W COB LED setup for veg/clones. I pull about a half lb per month of trimmable buds, and around 20-30g a month in concentrates from the stuff I used to throw away when I first started growing. I also grow using a water only, no till regimen, so growing costs are extremely cheap. The most costly part of my grow is the power, and that only runs ~$50 month or so, hard to tell with everything else I have running.

I also only spend 10-20 mins with the plants a day, they take care of themselves for the most part. All I do is clone, transplant, harvest, repeat, with a few watering cycles in there.


Butane explodes and levels houses. Ethanol just sets shit on fire. I’ve been a grower for 8+yrs. I have plenty of cash available to drop on virtually any cls system out there. But safety and not wanting to be “on the 5pm news” as something went awry and I leveled my house, and 3 of my neighbors. God forbid I kill someone other than myself.

BUT, if I had the space NOT in a residential area, I would be hitting up @Killa12345 for a setup asap.


Could i maybe get more information about what equipment you use? indoor outdoor ? and how much was your grow equipment.


advice on growing ? I want to start ASAP


what about hash? and what are your yields from weed to hash then hash to rosin?


Wrong forum for grow advise. I dont give my .02 for growing. Too many ways to do it.


Do you recommend a grow box like i was the king? or maybe a more DIY version?

@Dabszb247 wants to know how you grow

forsure, i will open another question in another forum


Are you using the screen of green tek?


Make that new thread so we can answer all your grow questions there! But I already mentioned what I prefer earlier :^) look into mylar grow tents.


indoor. I posted what I use for lighting, that’s pretty much it as far as equipment goes, other than a few fans.

@Demontrich is on point with there being too many ways to do it. You can get sucked into the rabbit hole if you try to follow too much advice you find online.

Trial and error yourself and you’ll find the right way to do it for your situation. I’ve done tons of trial and error runs and have still never lost a plant in flower. In my 10 years growing I’ve had fungus gnats a few times, and spider mites once. Haven’t had any pests in the last 3 years I’ve been recycling my soil…

You read that right, the same dirt for 3 years. It’s only getting better with each cycle.

I amend my dirt after harvest with a small amount of blood meal, high P bat guano, and an all purpose soil builder/conditioner which contains a lot of trace minerals, organic matter, and bacteria.

I use water only with the exception of some Urb Natural, which is bottled microbes. These help break down the organic matter in the dirt and turn it into nutrients used by the plant. I use this once per week at 5ml/gal but otherwise it’s plain tap water only.

Not anymore, I used to run screens but it required too much attention and was difficult to get full with a perpetual setup like I’ve adapted to.

I grow primarily in 16 gal totes. I run 2-4 plants per tote depending on size of the plant, I try to keep each tote to the same strain for uniformity. They tend to grow like a scrog would when they’re the same strain, same size plants going into flip.

I don’t use a grow tent, I have a room in the basement that is around 12x12 so I just grow in there with plastic panda film dividing the veg/flower areas.


About 8 yrs ago at friend house, he was introducing me to bho…

Long story short, we was inside Open blasting,vapors everywhere, he set the pan on the bar , and idk what he was thinking but he turned a electric skillet on w me screaming NOOOooOOO
It ignited, we got it out thank God.

I’ll never extract inside a residence again, CLS or not, and cls SEALED…
A porch on a shed for me,most time by light the :waxing_crescent_moon:…the new “moonshining”

So be smart if u go into bho! Don’t be that guy!

Outside and no electronics! Or smoking!


Lol, my buddy had 4 pyrex skillets about half inch of honeysoaked tane right next to 4 pans that were sitting there since the day before. All pans were on skillets, he decided to not think and lit a torch to pop leftover bubbles in the older pans and ignited the 4 fuller ones. Needless to say never use water to put them out it made it much worse lol, sand did the trick. This was years and years ago before educating ourselves about closed loops.


man those are some close calls you guys had. I haven’t had any yet, but I spent a lot of time researching the dangers and have only ever done it outdoors in a very well ventilated area far away from any kind of ignition sources. My worst experience was tripping on the ground while moving my collection dish full of tane and throwing it all over the grass. That was a sad day :rofl:


I did that last week with a tray of 1000.00 worth of clones. My big feet tripped over my fan.


Bho over everything lol.

However hash rosin of the same strain compared to bho removed this awful sulfur taste from some material I had