BHO/PHO vs. Rosin


Okay so first i want to just say I am not trying to compare rosin vs pho/bho wax, whereas I am trying to find out which will be easier for myself to get into. I just want to compare the extraction processes of both and which might be easier to venture into, and also the total cost associated with each over time. Though I am not very mechanically savvy, I am slowly but surely trying to get into the wax extraction game and I have heard that might have an effect on which I should get into. I have been looking for rosin presses on eBay and other places and have found many presses well within my price range. I have also found closed loop extraction tools, and the tools necessary for BHO/PHO. So I think its just about which is more plausible for me as someone who doesn’t not know very much about. Also keep in mind this will most likely just be personal so I don’t know if that has effect on which I should try. Any help or advice is welcome and my messages are open as well. Thank you.


Id go with bho for personal unless you have the money for pentane. I have a rosin press just collecting dust in the corner. Get a dewax column for cleaner tastier healthier product


What is pentane?


You will probably have some people reply to this post that SWEAR by BHO and some that SWEAR by Rosin… In the end, it is about your preference and your budget
If you are more into waxes, shatters, live resins, diamonds and a more versatile set up, hydrocarbon will be the way to go… It is going to be more expensive though… Using hydrocarbon also carries the risk of blowing yourself up if you don’t know what you are doing…
If you are more into dabbing solventless concentrates and have some great starting material to work with and don’t mind a smaller yield, a rosin press may be better for you. These set ups will also cost you less than a closed loop… Rosin presses obviously use no solvents, so no worries about explosions… You will only be limited to one product though… And that is rosin.
My personal preference is definitely a closed loop. I have been running one for almost 5 years now so that’s my bread and butter. I, too, have a Pure Pressure rosin press sitting in the corner collecting dust in our lab.
But like I said, in the end, its just about what YOU want to make and what you are trying to spend… But please, if you end up going the hydrocarbon route, please educate yourself on the process beforehand. It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.


It’s another solvent… Used as a secondary solvent for making diamonds usually.


Okay so I do like dabbing solventless more and I also don’t mind the smaller yields, and you said overall rosin will also probably be less expensive bc I won’t need solvent and other things. But how do the yields compare from BHO to rosin? And then what if I make hash ?


If you’re doing this yourself, I suggest you go the rosin route until you’re educated enough on hydrocarbon extractions. Like zizzle said, the stuff is explosive and can be highly dangerous in untrained hands. On the plus side, apparently you can still get 20% yields with rosin, I’ve never made rosin myself but I’ve seen other people get these yields and make some absolute fire product. Just check out jungleboys rosin. I lean more towards the BHO route myself though.


Rosin has more fats and waxes compared to bho, i dont want that in my lungs. And that is a fact


Another solvent such as bho, thought ya meant that when ya said PHO


Couldn’t you carbon scrub and filter? Defeats the point of solventless, but hey! :drooling_face:


terplord is right… With really great starting material, you can get up around 20% off flower…
With that same flower in a hydrocarbon system though, I would think you would yield like 23-25%… but there are lots of variables…
I have never gotten 20% off rosin myself, but I know there are people out there doing it… I would say you could consistently count on 10-15% yield on rosin… But it really depends on the starting material.


Yes I have made rosin a couple times and that is about what my yield was and it was very good product. Thanks for the advice


Whats wrong with alcohol or water??? There are so many ways to do this…of course im a bit bias but im not ignorant to the fact there are sooo many ways to potent concentrates. Water and ice being the easiest and cheapest.


Rosin would be the more cost saving route so long as you are able to source clean, reliable, consistent material at a decent price. finding a source outside of the legal market has been few and far between for me at least…


Oh okay I was just confused I thought you were referring to needed that for rosin but I understand now.


Well I was planning on either growing myself or just using the medical product I already use which is very high quality but pressing a pound at a time


Could you explain the process of making hash a little more? I hear everyone explain it like that but I’m still slightly confused, what kind of yields come from making hash from original product


Rosin only for personal

U have that up 2 months after I built my 20t unit

Waste of $ other than personal.


I’m a medical patient in Colorado so I have get very cheap high quality weed for now. But I was thinking about growing and pressing that. Any opinion on that?


i dont remember…i havent made hash like that in over 10 years but thats how i started so i figure anyone can…

and look up bubble hash or quick ethanol wash.