BHO/PHO vs. Rosin


Bet the stuff is too dry to DUMP yields. All the stuff in CO dispos is dry, fire but super dry. I live there too.


What is the unit you’re talking about? But yes personal only


Would turning it into hash first change that


Yeah, you know I was thinking that the really high quality rosin probably comes from pressing bubble hash. But then you’d need a lot of bubble hash.


Well I’m only doing personal so I guess it’s about finding out what kind of yeilds come from bubble hash and then compare. And I’ve been noticing that too, I think that super fire rosin is made from hash


Yep, they make rosin from bubble hash all the time… There’s even people bubble hashing fresh frozen buds to make ‘live’ bubble hash and then pressing that… Olio makes some suuuuper fire hash rosin.
Bubble hash does not have great yields either, however… At least compared to hydrocarbon solvent.


What kind of yields? Does it make it plausible to do hash over the dry product I have


Totally, the yields on bubble hash are rather sad, so that’s why I and a lot of other people avoid it completely. But it’s a nice product for sure, I miss the stuff. lmao


From what I’ve seen, ~10%


Always an advocate for DIY - so long as you have the patience for it…

If you end up deciding to pursue that route - organic, no till cultivation is my suggestion


Damn yeah seems like that’s what I’m hearing but I wonder if that is lower than the 15%-20ish I’m looking at for the weed alone


I am no expert on rosin/bubble hash and the yields… Also, starting material probably determines 90% of your yield lol.
But I would think, given the same starting material, bubble hashing yields a little lower than a rosin press would… Someone please correct me if I’m wrong…
Most people now are only making bubble hash to be pressed into rosin or for personal use. It’s not efficient


The terpier and more oily your starting material, the better the rosin, that’s fosho!


If I were going for rosin, I’d try to find a well cured, sticky oily buds to crush. Otherwise, the dry stuff is great for hydrocarbon, ethanol and ice water. Like I was saying before, i could only find super dry stuff in the CO dispos so I’m curious to see how that would effect yield of rosin. I would assume that it would lower it, because although the product is potent it may not have enough oils to make the amount of hash you want.


Oh okay that makes sense, any recommendations for how much product I need to make a significant amount of hash? Like a few plants worth or a lot more?


What type of lights would you be growing under?


That’s all to be figured out as well , I was planning on buying this “standard grow” box off the internet that can hold like 6 plants 640 watt


I’m more of a fan of just throwing up a 4x4 tent and watering by hand, my plants in pots of coco/perlite. Got them under 315w CMH with 600w supplemental LED. Yielded 1.44lb last round, but I’m expecting more this next round and future rounds thereafter. Someone told me about VEG+BLOOM nutrients, it’s a one part and apparently it DUMPS brother. They said 3lbs a 600w. Hella anecdotal, I have yet to personally see it. I currently use Cogo’s Original Plant Food.


How many plants did you grow and how does indoor vs outdoor effect yields


Outdoor is probably better for a larger production setting. Indoor is probably better for personal high quality headstash. I had 8 plants in there, 3 in 3 gal and 5 in 2 gal. Most of them yielded 3oz+, but a few only yielded 2oz.