Best way to decarb live resin

Hello. I want to try and make some live resin carts for myself, made some distillate carts today with free terpene samples I got(sounds sketchy I know) surprisingly impressed by them though. Now I wanna make some live resin carts. I’m looking for the best way to decarb live resin with a conventional oven. Was thinking under 250, 230-240 or lower to preserve terpenes more, for a good 45+ minutes. I haven’t decarbed a concentrate ever in my life before so I came here for some help. Thank you.

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centrifuge the terps off, decarb the diamonds, homogenize them back together




He made live resin not diamonds


Terps and Diamonds separate under centrifuge? Any solvent required or…? I might have to research this one it sounds interesting.

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IMHO if you decarb live resin you will ruin it. The whole point of live resin is it is never heated to a high temp like that so once you do, it is not longer live resin.
I do fresh frozen runs and make diamonds and centrifuge off the terps. Then add back after decarbing the diamonds for carts.


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Add some live resin to your distillate to flavor it

Decarbing will destroy the terps

Alternatively, decarbing under pressure

So I made a thing to decarb with....?


So decarbing live resin for carts is not worth it?


that thread nancy linked talks about decarbing live resin under pressure to preserve terpenes.

probably the best way to preserve terpenes but im still reading it


You are correct, unless you plan on eating it. Your cart or bowl decarbs just fine. Savor the Flavor :yum:


You need to mechanically separate the HTE from the crystalline THCa. Decarb the thca, as back the HTE. BOOM live resin cart.

Or decarb your extract in a closed vessel in an inert atmosphere for the next best results.

Once you get it down…it is 100% worth making these carts. I’ve got some sour tangie in the works today. Yesterday I spun it in the fuge, today I’m going to decarb the THCa, add the HTE back, homogenize, load into carts. People absolutely love them…and they pay well.


i was about to ask u,

is there a difference in terp experience if u seperate first?

I like the separate first method because you’ll have the option to control the thca to terp levels and make varying mixtures,

but the whole decarb method seems like a a straight forward. way

is there anything about the whole decarb method that gives it any difference than separating first?

You will do some damage to the terpenes when heated. It is not to say it wont still taste good.


Here is a jelly pie HTE cart I made yesterday. I froze fresh cut material(not trim)down to -86c and then packed tubes and froze again down to -86c for 24-48hrs. Extracted cold and through dewax column with dry ice slurry. After that I made diamonds at 82f or lower and centrifuged off the terps. Decarbed the diamonds and added 20% HTE back and no filler or other additives. My terps never went over 82F and even then was in a sealed jar. I run my battery at 2v to preserve terps and this jelly pie is yummy.
This after I vaped about 20%:

This is after 12hrs and about 50% vaped:


I can’t wait to get like that in the coming month prob. That’s beautiful.

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This is what it looked like after the cold crash


woah 12 hours and 50 percent XD is that like tolerance, viscosity or test

better question, how does it last compared to disty mixes, isnt liquid thca or decarbed thca thinner?

oh but I see ur at 2.0.

I use a GT800 at 1.0 watts and heat at like 1.15 or something around that.

(i keep speaking about this battery)

its potent tho right, the diamond sauce cart I have here is 60:40 and is potent but I always wondered how hard something like 80:20 or 90:10 would do (even 95:5 or a 100% no terps)

That’s what I smoked in 12hrs. Well I actually slept 6.5hrs of that LOL. Just showing what it looked like at 50% smoked. I have a high tolerance as I been smoking daily for about 40+ years.
Decarbed THCA is not runny once it cools.
Holding the cart upside down to show it doesn’t move at room temp. I could go higher % HTE but I feel it would be too terpy and harsh on the throat.