@Beaker’s Chiller! (sold...)

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This item is next up on the list of @Beakers labware to be auctioned (proceeds to family).

It’s in Bend & Heavy!!

Can’t find exact specs on it.

My new cryogenic immersion chiller used from ebay just got here today. My poly foam bath pan meant for cryo apps using alcohol got here too but my methanol is a few days out. So I dumped what rubbing alcohol there was into the pan and fired it up. As soon as the rubbing alcohol froze onto the finger the temp reading on the chiller went to -76C or so. The unit has a setpoint but it measures the coolant. Apparently when the ice forms around the cold finger it causes the coolant to get real cold.

Methanol should be in soon. This bath froze on the finger at around -30C owing to the 70/30 iso to water mix. Check out frozen rubbing alcohol! The frozen vapor was gently lifting off the surface of the liquid where water in the air cooled and condensed.


Is this cool or what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ice is not great because it is an insulator on the surface of the metal stopping efficient heat transfer.

Awesome that it is going down that low though!

Congrats @Beaker ! :tada:

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Did you just scoop that chiller? I think I was about to buy it on ebay



Not likely, because it’s already at his house. Unless ebay upgraded it’s shipping to teleport!


…or the auction ended last week… did you even click the link? lol

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Nope, but you said “just scooped” in my mind that means it just happened, not a week ago lol!


thats the one lolz. sorry. Fedex even delivered it two days earlier than the estimate. It did take some light plier work and some screw tightening. It sure is clean.

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arggg i should have grabbed it. what’d you pay? they told me they’d go as low as $1200 :drooling_face:
i have the 3" coil version but need the flexible probe


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What applications are you using the immersion for

I chill alcohol solutions. The alcohol used in dewaxing and pre chilling the alumina filter also used to catch chlorophyll is chilled to cryo temps. The solvent used to disolve the compound is placed in a beaker and capped with a vacuum adapter and valve. Then I pull a vacuum. The process of chilling reduces pressure and pulls a deeper vacuum.

Using and ULT type device to chill stuff generally creates a vacuum at some point. The vacuum here is useful only because it limits the heat transfer of the beaker which sticks out of the tub.

I also recently deployed an LLE process in my SOP. Part of the process washes predominantly terpenes out of the compound. The LLE also picks up at least traces of cannabinoid. So I set the stainless steel catch pot now in the cryo tub to precipitate these traces instead of my home freezer as before. The cannabinoid readily binds to the stainless steel pan so is easy to glean later.

The unit takes an hour to hit target temp and remains operating only the amount of time needed for the lab. There is no penalty on compressor use from opening and shutting doors or leaving a door ajar because there aren’t any lol. The cold finger routinely hits -85C as displayed and check by my thermocouple meter. The stuff in the beaker can get down as low as -68C when I checked it in a flask but it must be very close to the cold finger. I will testify that dewaxing at -69C is a luxury I enjoy because clean up is easier as is refinement. Plus I floated a baby carrot in there when cold. Frozen carrots are not all that interesting but… I had to try.


i believe it was a -85C immersion chiller ran on 120v ac from what beaker told me.

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Where are we bidding? And did I miss anything after the Edward’s pump?



Right here unless you’ve got a better idea.

@Krative is now the proud owner of the Steammpunk vaporizer


Yep that’s they one… But I did not see a cooling capacity listed

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What item is up for auction?

How do I bid and how do I find these items that are up for auction?