Steammpunk vaporizer

Mod edit: @beaker is no longer with us, and his instagram is gone.

So the video link is not currently available. We may locate it on his home HDs. Not sure when.

Make an offer or convince the community it should be yours.

Edit: yep that’s a torch burn. This can end that forever

Right now it can be yours.


Don’t have all off it. Nor the owners manual. Should have the video somewhere…

Proceeds going to his family.

No time limit on this one yet.


Are you planning a party?

Or just looking to provide vape rigs to the canna-bus industry?


OMG Beaker you are NUTS! I know you make the ultra-clear 99% disty so that one bag would prolly put a bus load of elephants in la-la-land. Your setup reminds me of filling nitrous balloons at the Grateful Dead shows way back when. I’d love to get one for five bucks. :smiley:

If you can hook it up to DC voltage then all we need is a motor home, parking lot, and a live band. Party Central!!!


open it up, apparently it is a shell/tube inside!


Just noticed that @cyclopath has been granted moderator and leader status. Congratulations brother. Definitely well deserved!! :champagne::champagne::champagne::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::clap::clap::clap:


Yeah Beaker was talking about his falling film dab rig, id love to see it in the Future Cannabis Museum


$150. Anyone care to top that?

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@Krative seems like it’s yours.

with the understanding that we don’t have all the parts or the documentation.

I’m pretty sure he was using the pressure side of his small vac pump (which I did not locate), some tubing, and an off the shelf bag.

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How can I pay you to make this happen?