Badder to Cart tech

So I was recently told by a colleague recently that at their old facility they would melt BHO Badder to put into carts. I am very used to Diamond and Sauce carts where you separate the diamonds from the sauce, melt them and reintroduce terpenes to create carts. Does anyone have any input on this? would you melt it like rosin at 140-160f? whats the consensuses on this tech, anyone have experience?

never put badder in carts myself but I’d imagine it’s just like decarbing any other live resin honestly.
Idk why anyone would want to turn a concentrate into badder if they know it’s going into cartridges though. seems counterproductive.

but, nonetheless!
decarb under ~5psi of positive pressure, usually closer to 170-190F in my experience. 140-160 will take foreverrrrr.
once done decarbing, pull a vac to get the CO2 bubbles out.
fill the carts.


just because someone did something at some BHO facility doesnt mean they 1) were making good product and 2) knew what they were actually doing.

there are more labs doing jank ass procedures than there are ones doing shit properly. thats why the majority of products on the market are dog water.


totally agree with this statement, this is someone I respect and only ask because I know its not some BS “this is what I did at my old job”. I just feel like you would need to heat it too much to melt the THCA that you would destroy the terps you work so hard to preserve

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that’s exactly why you decarb under positive pressure…
negative pressure lowers boiling points. positive pressure raises them.



They definitely have a different taste when the terps go through decarb. Contrary to popular believe terpenes can handle some heat if you keep them in solution. Much like rosin though they issue of trapped CO2 can make filling a bitch. Gotta tickle that CO2 out of solution while leaving your terps in there. Personally I think unheated terpenes are superior but some of the highest selling carts in Cali are decarbed with no initial separation. It is certainly less work to just pour off and heat. Whipping it into badder before decarb is a complete waste of time though.


Decarb it then distill it…


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need to decarb your badder. As long as your line temp is warm enough to pass material into your dispenser, and all of the crystals larger than a grain of salt are pulverized, you can fill badder all day. Just make sure your equipment and hardware can handle it.


The heat cycles will cause crystallization though so the carts can get fucked up really easy. Would not recommend


You just need superior carts designed to melt solids. I’ve been trialing rosin and badder hardware since 2021 and honestly all that is missing is a decent room temp filler. I will be releasing the carts (more similar to a waxpen) in February and the dispenser in September.

Start doing preacher curls and pushups now to get a jump on everyone else not decarbing this fall. The tek will be simple:

  1. be strong

60-70% THCa in carts?? man that makes me nervous and I’m not even the one doing it lol. Looking forward to seeing what you come out with though because unheated live in carts sounds firrreeeeee

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Ostwald ripening says good luck vaporizing the inevitable large crystals that end up in your carts. Good luck though, I look forward to seeing a shelf stable thca cart.

Plus in Cali a 70% thca cart is getting labeled as a 61.4% THC cart no matter what. You can’t even include thca in your total cannabinoids. For that reason alone it will never catch on in Cali even if it worked perfectly.


people in Cali still shopping solely based on THC%?? On live resin even?? In a market that mature???

wow. custy central I guess.


Yep a 60% cart won’t sell for shit. People expect 90% THC and 15% terpenes. Average customer genuinely dumber than ever thanks to deceptive marketing and until January first 0 State enforcement on labs maintaining ethical practices.


90% THC and 15% terps :joy:


good. Those large crystals will drop right into the coil like everything else.


Super excited to see this. I’ve felt for a long time there must be a hardware solution to vaping solid extracts.


Divine tribe has had for like 10 years now, nothing that is self feeding/low current though


How do I accurately reach that amount of positive pressure in my oven? back fill im guessing? have cascades and 1.9cu AIs

You shouldn’t do it in an oven, you need a vessel with a prv that can handle the pressure you’re going to generate from releasing the CO2 molecule off the THCA

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