Any Old School hash masters out there?

This is my consumption of choice. A large blond or dark golden slabs. About 1 inch thk, size of a small book.
I want to do this over the next year. Can anyone shine some light?


Bubble bags 5-bag set with your finest hand trim fire that’s been flushed for 2 weeks. Add ice and hand stir for 10 minutes. Gently agitate the bucket and let settle for 20 minutes. Place on a 25 micron screen with cardboard underneath. Press with hand pressure and warmth using clean gloves. Dry for ~4-7 days checking the internal moisture with a wood moisture meter. Cure just like your finest nugs.

Alternately, use 73 and 45 micron silk screens with a credit card using static electricity to separate over a mirror. Roughly press with hand pressure and warmth with clean gloves. Wrap in saran wrap in moist newspaper and place in a skillet on warm flipping bending and pressing occasionally. Alternately, wrap in saran wrap in newspaper and place in your shoe under your heel walking around for a few days to make that old school “shoe hash”.


Old school blonde in the middle with the stamps, just quality kief slightly heat pressed and stamped


Traditional Moroccan hashish is a dry sift that’s then placed in a warm die and pressed. The better stuff will turn a bit darker on the outside during the pressing process.

If you do bubble hash the best bags will be 72 and 45. 25 is usually dust/ crap and 95 will still have plant material.


I’m interested as well. I recently found Frenchie Cannoli’s site. He has a following of old school Hashishins. I wanna study the aging techniques. A slight decarb/press then vacuum for months or years. Love to study how the inside of the resin mass changes chemically. The chemical maturation of terpenes etc. I’d also like to see how different resin glands (notice I don’t care much about the strain lol) age differently, especially in terms of, hopefully, growth of THC percentages.


The only growth in thc percentages would be as a result of lose of Terpenes.


I made that with a 190 micron bubble bag and dry ice I shook the bubble bag over a table and that was the grade 1/blonde. Then I pressed them into balls with my hands no heat. Wasn’t dabable but it was fucking potent.


I read somewhere I forget where but I read that 73 micron dry ice sift hash, grade 1/blonde is the best micron of kief for pressing into rosin.


Ooo la la that’s gorgeous kief hash. I wanna press bubble white hash into a temple ball. Let it age. Fine aged, nearly 100% thc if you do it right methinks. Dabble fo sho :slight_smile:


You’re right, I had a brain fart. 45 and 73 are best. I just use the 25 for pressing/drying.


Double zero is what we use to get, but the micron changes every time they restretch the screen on the bowl if we’re talking old school kief slabs. We use to gwt the one from lebanon with the star of david stamped and www usa www above it, kilo about the size of a legal pad


8 bag sets FTW #moresiftingdonefiner #hashfaster


The larger grades of bags never did much for me. The larger micron bags don’t make more usable product.

Are you saying they are faster? Do they pull out more plant matter for you?

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Oh no I’m just saying it’s easier to sift with 3 extra um for me cause then it takes all the static work out for you & the bags will seperate accordingly. Then if I feel need to I’ll run a second time through 25-73-90 just for a cleaner product.

But using 8 sets definitely pulls cleaner in my experience with sifting & Bubble,


Aw fam. That was how I started. Sifting hash and making bricks - oh jeez


Lol, this takes me back to tahoe, pressing a brick with the leg/foot of the couch and all the homies sitting on the couch for weight.

At one point we had them under all the legs of the couch.

I’m literally loling thinking about this. I was like 17 when I moved up there and the neighbor gave us a duffle bag and a couple garbage cans of trim “as a welcoming gift”


I’m not a big fan of bubble hash.
It tastes different from what I’m calling old school, pressed, heated and cured.
Wondering different strains?
I like outdoor grown, in groundSlow cured , sun and elements to give it some soul. Imoo
Scuffed, vibrated, shaken, beaten but mechanically separated product.
Leif collected, graded, pressed , heated and then set for another round of magic cure.
My Dr calls this fruit of Kings.
I’m Going after a Afghan very hashy product. Would love to play with some “exotic sativas” we have discussed…
So with this said, anyone add some knowledge?


Good Afghani hash basically disappeared because the US started paying the Afghan government(taliban at the time) to help fight the war on drugs. The taliban then used that money to pay farmers to switch from hashish to opium production and sent us that instead.

If you really want that flavor the Afghani #1 from sensi seeds will produce the hashish you’re looking for.


A lot of the Mexican bricks we got as kids were straight Afghani. That smell is unmistakable.


You must have gotten the cream of the crop from Mexico, when I was a kid everything we ever saw from Mexico was brown brick that smelled like burnt hair, diesel fuel, ass, and cat food.