Active Vs passive recovery speed

How much faster is recovery using an active setup Vs the same setup in passive?
Also when running passive, at the end of the run the CLS will be under pressure, where as the active cls will be under vacuum? Correct?


With an active system I was able to recover 4lb of solvent in 25 -30 min. Passive, more like 45 min, jacketed collection pot and receiving tank in dry ice/ice bath. Those low boiling point solvents, as vapors, will want to flow to a colder vessel naturally. Active or passive, there’s going to be pressure in the system, unless you’ve recovered all the solvent in both the column and pot. In my experience a full recovery with the pump would bring the collection pot back to atmosphere. I could be wrong though, a couple of gauges on the system are a bit wonky.


Is a jacketed collection pot pointless when running active?
Also, when running active would I still need to purchase dry ice for any of the process?

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Yeah, assuming you don’t have power to run any hot water recirculators, you could put the collection pot in hot water. And you don’t need to purchase dry ice, but I feel it makes the process go a lot faster for an active recovery, and especially for passive. You could probably pull it off with plain ice water but it’d be a lot slower.


What do you prefer to run? Assuming active

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Active, for sure. Depending on how fast you can unload and pack the column between your runs, you can pull off 10 runs (injection to recovery) in an 8 hour shift. Live resin, maybe 6 to 8 in an 8 hour shift. Passive works fine though, if that’s all you got for a personal unit, it’ll get the job done.


How big of a column are you running to get that many runs in a day?

I was running the ETS 1300, never measured the ID/OD of the column, but it’s advertised to be a 2lb column. I always pack 500g - 600g dry material and 900g - 1000g fresh frozen though.


Can you explain what all I would need to convert to active.

Hmm, I think all you would need is a refrigerant recovery pump, some sort of expansion column, and a condensing coil. I don’t really think you need the coil if you can keep your tank cold, though again I could be wrong.

Edit: with a coil you’d be able to use less dry ice, because you can put it in a dry ice/iso bath, just sprinkle a 1/4 scoop o’ pellets in. Pot > Expansion column > Pump > Chilled Coil > Chilled Tank

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Passive. Why would you want to go active?


I could run passive all day and crush your speeds and have complete silence in my booth.


I passively recover 25ish lbs in about an hour and 15 minutes.
The recovery pumps sit on the shelf, I’ll never listen to another trs21 for hours a day lol.

OP- work on your passive process, you can hit half lb/min under good conditions.


To add to @RadDsm, I can push almost 2lbs a min running crude, passive. If I could optimize my system to my satisfaction, I could push over 1 lb a min at 80f on my water circulator.

My cmep is a great shop stool.



So glad I didn’t pop on one those shop stools!

3k dollar shop stool


nvr tried passive. from what i heard you can preserve more terps passively. i have ok recovery times. 6 to 7 lbs in 30 mins or so depending on what tane is used. i have a water bath at 60 to 70. probably could be faster if i circulated the water


There are 2 reasons why You want Cryo temps
In passieve You Need Cryo temps to recover fast normal salted ice water also works but slower
The other reason is that extraction of biomass at - 40 Gives better results


Sous vide…

You couldn’t pay me to get rid of it or run without now

Saved my back…unless u have big time water heater


that would save on changing out fresh water every 30 mins to keep desired temps.