4200 Non-profit: Starting a 501(c)3 for the community. Help Needed

Do you have experience or know how to help start a 501(c)3? Please offer your support in helping our community do things like crowd sourced fundraisers, lab testing, education/classes, and other outreach.

Here is what we have so far.

Organization name: Undecided (“Finding Futures”)
State where corporation will be based: Oregon
Initial officers: @sidco, @Sidco_Cat, @Future, more?!
How many people do we need? Other roles?
Purpose of the non-profit entity: Community education and outreach.

The more the community itself is involved the better. The goal is to stay completely transparent about as much as humanely possible.


I have no idea of the process but hackeysack/footbag is a 501c3

I am not a licensed attorney, but I did take fed tax in law school. I am always up for academic conversations about the study of law.


I’ve helped charter one in college and feel it can’t be difficult of a task to assist with.

Since you brought it up on Easter future can be a religious group. Pretty sure those get tax write offs and a Pope.


My network has extensive experience, reach out directly and I’ll get you connected


And Psychedelics


Someone in another thread mentioned Legalzoom.com. For a little cash they can really help expedite. I would like to be a part of this endeavor, especially with live plants training videos and crowd sourced fundraising.


@sidco . I can help start the process.

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Go further than Legal Zoom. Use bizcounsel. They asign representation with continuity.

My good friend is chief compliance for ONAC. If anyone is interested in how they operate and are exempt from CSA restrictions let me know.


You want to get the GLG set up as a religious organization?

A Church you say?


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If there’s anything I can do @sidco please let me know. I’m happy to help in whatever fashion, and coming tomorrow I’m going to be quarantined for 14 days to my, and 45 days in the building. SO I’ll have time to invest in however it can be invested. And Finding Futures sounds like a bitching name!

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I think all this should be voted on especially if its for the community. I know when we started this fundraising idea it was to “help the members HERE” not community education and outreach. I think it should be more clearly defined with mission, vision, and core values like @Mosaic_Co-Labs suggested for this site but this charity more fits that structure.

Also, i think its members and its Officers should CERTAINLY be voted on. I dont think its right just to say me, my mom, and future are its officers already…

Will these officers get paid?? who is responsible for finance??


I got 5 on it



If you guys wanna make future 4200 a real thing that relys on real people’s contributions, there 100% should be community control, otherwise there wont be community participation


I have a decent amount of experience with this.

Many ways to skin the cat.

@Killa12345 is right.

Non profits are designed to be against nepotism so your gunna have to look into that stuff and make sure your positions are kosher.

@sisu and have been in the process of making a think tank nonprofit for industrials. Collaborate?


i had to look up the word… thanks for helping me learn something today…

I was thinking about something like this too. I have a huge building next to my house ive been eyeing. Its like 30k sq ft. I was thinking of buying it to house QSP. @qma always is asking for space in a place im looking at… My little brother needs a place to house his business. I was thinking of letting other people use the building for a cannabis think tank… We we can fund entreprenuers here and give them a place to start out their businesses…


I’m surprised the forum is not a non profit already…but that’s my two cents :joy: